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  1. Maybe wire to motor gets knocked off or there is soldered point touching...
  2. I would like either 6.01 or 03 dia. prefer new. Thanks.
  3. The air nozzles don't need to be upgraded in my experience too. Go with edgi 6.01, 03 would be better if you were shooting auto a lot. try bioval .25 and see how you like em. promy soft bucking with scs nub for me is one combo.
  4. this is m4 tactical. Original problem. gun on semi and it fired automatic than semi on its own resulting in mosfet melting and breaking. Now, put all together and fired it on semi than it fired on auto without stopping than I had to unplug battery. suggestions? Thanks for helping. much appreciated. P.S. - Maybe what would help is understanding how the gun works when on semi it fires auto, visa versa, than on semi it firing auto without stopping.............
  5. do you put the silicon lube on the outside of cylinder head where it connects to cylinder? Does this help? thanks. anybody can answer too.
  6. I am looking for kwa tactical that has the front foregrip fold down. Thanks.
  7. Thank you very much for this. Definitely worth sticky/pinned.
  8. Hello everybody. My name is Justin and I have learned a lot here so finally decided to register. Thanks.
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