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  1. so is this thread still going? I'm waiting for someone to offer up any desert BDU so I can give something away. I've read the thread and seen that theres arguments about things being airsoft related or not. Since I'm just getting my stuff and trying to build on it I could give away a video game (Unreal 3 for ps3, spotless but not in original case).
  2. I was looking at the boneyards and airsoft GI and evike and was informed that sometimes working display models get thrown in there sometimes at a great discount. Is there any way to tell which ones are display models and which ones are legit broken? If there is I could pick up a moderate AEG for my sister.
  3. Hey everyone, pretty soon I'm going to pick out my gear for my first ACU and I have no idea where to start. I'm just going to post what I need and maybe I could get some basics explained? I need something to hold about 3-5 magazines for my Echo 1 E90, a sling for my E90 that is good for a lot of running around/climbing, and something with 1-2 grenade pouches (looking into dried pea nades), since my primary area is a desert area near a rive with dark brush I think MTU would be the best colors for it. I'm basically looking for a light recon kit. I don't know how much stuff costs, but I'd like the whole thing to be about $80
  4. The problem with having hard recoil on an airsoft gun is either it wastes gas QUICKLY or it runs down your battery. There are guns custom made for hard kick though. Example: I do however like functioning bolt cache, heavy mags, full metal guns, etc. The problem is the more real it is the more expensive it is in the long run.
  5. A buddy of mine on another forum found a sweet spot in south florida that could be played on. Hunting is allowed in the area, so being able to play there wouldn't be a problem (I suspect). Rather than move the massive thread here, I thought I'd post a link. http://www.edgegamers.org/forums/showthread.php?t=174248
  6. Rukus


    Throwing knives are looking more attractive the more I read this thread.
  7. 24 views and nobody has any comments or ideas?
  8. I'm picking up my first AEG soon and have debated on wether to get a spinger pistol as my sidearm or not. On one hand I can use 0.12g cheap bbs in it without much worry, on the other hand its another $25 (for a decent one) that could be spent on my BDUs or extra magazines. Today I figured what if I had a more "unique" sidearm for those last resort situations I could use it in....perhaps plastic throwing knives >:D
  9. Dear OP, If a jacket, goggles, gloves, pants, and a balaclava don't give you sufficient pain reduction at safe engangement distances you really shouldn't be playing airsoft.
  10. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=5730 Anyone seen a blowback model of this? I'm trying to decide between this and another gun, I'm leaning towards the other but if I can get this in a blowback im sold.
  11. By stand-caps I mean stardard caps (30 round magazines). Also, the only MAG magazines I can find are 8 100 round midcaps, so I tried googling "MAG airsoft, MAG magazines, MAG Airsoft manufacturer" and couldn't find anything. Could someone link me to their site?
  12. I'm looking for any kind of boneyard rocket projectile weapon (RPG-7, Recoiless Rifle, etc). It doesn't have to work, it just has to look cool to use as a prop. Hoping to get one for about $15 plus shipping.
  13. I live in particularly hot area (90+ degrees in the fall isn't abnormal) I was planning on helping a friend construct a half body ghillie suit for being a sniper or spotter. The only issue I see pre-build is heat inside the suit, anyone know ways how we could cool down the suit in case the heat hits? I was thinking of just making the suit out of the net only so you can just use velcrow straps to attach it to your shoulders and legs while wearing a t shirt and shorts beneath. Does anyone else have any better ideas?
  14. I need a few extra magazines for my new M4, I can't seem to find quality ones that fit my budget. The only ones I found that were quality were Magpul magazines ($15 each!!) that were much too expensive considering I need to get 5-8 of them. Anyone know of somewhere where I could get about 5-8 mags for about <$40? Please move to Airsoft Accessories - Magazines and Clips
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