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    Duh Airsoft what else would I be using an Airsoft Forum Site for?
  1. becuz fps iz errythin hurr durr. I wunt 2 hurt ppl wen I shoot dem so I ned hi fps 2 hurt pplz. Thats probably whats going through his mind, but again in my right mind what the hell do you need such a high FPS for? and that potmetal gearbox will last you about 10 rounds before shattering to hell.
  2. the the MOE carbine is more of a G&P sportline with magpul furniture IMO, the one I linked you is AMAZING. And by require lipo stock, do you mean you can use a lipo in a stock G&P? if so then yeah, you can use a lipo in any stock gun they all wear out at different rates though. And systema parts are over rated and over priced and arent worth it compared to SHS or any other steel gear set.
  3. You are going to hate that KWA in the long run, Trust me on this, I have a standard G&P M4 with crane stock wired to deans, EVERYTHING is rock solid and lightweight EXCEPT the motor plugs ( those are weak on any gun anyway ) If you get a G&P you wont regret it. http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=37369 Thats the one I have and evike always has it in stock. G&P makes a very fine gun. Also I've had 2 KWA's, the G36C and the SR7. The g36 is freaking amazing until something breaks, then it is expensive and you can either replace it yourself for $20 or pay KWA $65 and the SR7 is even worse because my gun barely fell ( Maybe 2 feet ) and the buffer tube snapped off.
  4. I would honestly ditch king arms and classic army and get a G&P http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=37369. Nice lightweight aluminium body, gearbox is rock solid, compression is AMAZING. My only complaint is the threads, the threads on the barrel are CW and the threads on the upper receiver are slightly different from standard ones so if you were to install a Daniel Defense rail or something that involved changing out the barrel nut and delta ring then you might run into some problems, but Madbull makes a re-threading tool so you can re-thread your G&P into standard threads.
  5. Did the piece of paper thing, it BARELY moved. I'm really thinking its my chrono as my range and velocity seem alright but the chrono says otherwise. I have an alpha chrony but I don't have the light diffusers, will that mess anything up?
  6. Well I've had a helluva trip with my G&P M4, 1. Shot 440 FPS out of the box so I had to change the spring, changed it out and it was shooting 360 - 363 easily very consistent too. 2. I bought a madbull 6.03 TBB, put it in and my FPS dropped to 260. Swapped the barrels out, FPS is 305. 3. Opened the gearbox and found out I had almost no compression, so I stretched my o-ring over the cylinder and heated it up a bit and I had compression again, went to chrono gun was still shooting 305. I have NO idea wtf is going on, I have great airseal and compression but my FPS is 305 still, I doubt that the spring could've setlled that much as it was an m110 and it used to be in my G36. which has been through 20k+ rounds. Could anyone explain to me what the hell has happened to my gun? Alright I think it might be my chrono cause its reading 370 every now and then,
  7. I tried to PM you about your current barrel nut if you still had it because evike didn't send one with my DD rails there fore I don't have one at all. Also madbull says you will be able to buy them on their website at the end of the month but I cannot wait that long. ( evike refuses to send one because they are dicks who think I have one )
  8. Wanting to buy a madbull daniel defense ar15 lite barrel nut, I lost mine somehow and I need a new one, it can be for the G&P or madbull threads.
  9. These are the only pins on my front sight, there arent any screws or anything else. alright I found the screw... herp derp.. Just gotta find my allen keys now.
  10. Well I have a G&P M4 and I want to take the front post sight off and put a low profile gas block on it but the problem is I have no Idea how to get it off, I punched out the 2 bottom pins and the scroller pins holding the gas tube in place but it doesnt wanna budge and I'm afraid to break it, is it possibly glued on or something?
  11. Heres a link to a nice CQB field in fort worth www.tacqb.com They also have a facebook page called tactical alliance http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=159097874105264
  12. If you could please hold that M85 for a few days that would be awesome! I need to go put some money in the bank but I'm sick at the moment.
  13. Do you still have that systema M85?
  14. Mmk quick update, I thought it wasnt making a complete cycle but it actually was and when the gas spewed out, I found out that I had hit the mag release button when I was fiddling with the hammer so the mag was leaking out gas because the mag was not out all the way and the gun was still trying to absorb the gas.
  15. I was looking at some CYMA AK's but I had no Idea how well the internals were, and I am looking at a real sword AK and the CM.048 at the moment.
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