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  1. Phhhewww lol, well it shoots very accuratly, and high rof, but it can't even shoot through a beer can, maybe thats cause its like literally below freezing here so maybe the can hardens
  2. I was wondering what you guys thought about my purchase from my local airsoft store. I paid $240 cash and 120 in store credit. I wanted to know your thoughts on the purchase. This was the package I bought for that price (it is a consigned gun but they said he had only used it in a few games) I believe it's the VFC AKS 74, not 100% my local store is kinda sketchy they'll do anything to make a buck. They had the gun tagged as VFC AK 47
  3. Like I said before, I have $120 in cash at the airsoft store and Want to spend it. I think the most ill spend is 300 more or less, so 120 store credit plus 180 cash. I wanted an AUG a while ago but eh, I have a KWA M16 br 2x (stock). So I've been trying to decide between an AEG and a CA M24, recently I've been pretty open to any AEG's. So I was wondering if you were to suggest a gun, which one, and why that gun other than any others? P.S. I Presented my portfolio today I get to graduate woooooohhoooooo! lol P.P.S. Uhm is there any questions I should answer to know which type of AEG I should use? Like LMG, assault, SMG lol
  4. I have $120 in store credit at my local airsoft store, so I was thinking of getting another gun. I was wondering what you guys thought of this gun, or another one that you would suggest instead for around $260-$300.
  5. Thoughts opinions and/or suggestions on the WE KAC PDW GBB? One of the "To buy" guns on my signature list lol
  6. OKay, but still. What upgrades do you all recommend
  7. Parts___________________________ $Prices$ PDI Hop Up Chamber --------------------- KM TN 6.04 Inner Barrel ------------------ PSS2 Spring Guide ------------------------ PSS2 3 Element Piston -------------------- PSS2 Piston Head -------------------------- First Factory Bolt Handle for APS2 ------- First Factory Cylinder APS-2 -------------- First Factory Cylinder Head APS-2 ------- PDI 300% Spring for M24 / APS series - PDI M24 trigger set (NOT Zero trigger) -
  8. I have decided to get the CA M24. I realized there are many variations of upgrades you can do to get the same results. So now I need to know what upgrades I should get and why, as well as how the upgrades will make my gun perform(distance,FPS,etc...)
  9. We live in wakefield. We have 5+ people playing, they all have there own guns. We are looking for people to play with or people who have there own field and want more new players
  10. Personally, I really like the M24's looks. I've owned a bar 10 but sold it because I didn't have the money to upgrade it. Well now I was really looking into the CA M24, I want to upgrade one of these gun's. I really am looking at the M24 it looks just amazing. Also it looks really sturdy. But if I was to get the M24, Should I get the CA, Javlin, or Echo 1. I didn't even know that echo 1 made one until just reading that post above.lol.
  11. Revision Bullet Ant Goggles These things are amazing :)
  12. I'll make my local head shop find me the parts, so parts is not much of an issue :)
  13. I was looking at two guns. I was wondering which one is more upgradable. The CA M24 http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=6216 or The JG Bar 10 http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=2761 Also whats the difference between the CA M24 military and civilian? EDIT: I was wondering which gun would perform better fully upgraded? Also, The M24 is really appealing to me right now. Because I wont be able to upgrade the gun like IMMEDIATELY so it seem's like it'd be nice to use. So how would one upgrade the M24 and or the Bar 10. But I think as of now I have my seights set on the M24. Also, What should I go with the CA or Javlin works M24(Money not being an issue which one would you pick and why)?
  14. Okay currently I do not have a sniper rifle anymore. What sniper rifle should I get that I can fully upgrade and make it a monster. I want this sniper to just rape kids
  15. What barriers should I get to put in the yard, also what else should we add? We have shed and its broken down so you can go all through it and use it as cover we need cover that we can move and put away when we're done
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