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  1. Seriously. That's one of the nicest sniper rifles (externally) that I've ever seen.
  2. To the top!! Sold Items: Laylax VSR-10 tight bore barrel 3 Madbull XM204HP shells Everything else still available!!
  3. The main reason fields chono with a fixed weight BB at a fixed velocity is because of insurance companies. FPS limits are set by men in suits who sit at a desk all day and never actually play the game. That being said if my local field thinks a rifle is purposefully using power creep, they will chrono them with heavier BB's and do an energy conversion, and then allow or disallow the weapon on the field. This field is also thinking of putting a restriction on how heavy of a BB players can use on the field.
  4. Magpul PTS high end magazines (The $25 for one) 120rd magazines will feed that fast. They will spit out over 100 BB's in under a second if you release the BB stopper on them.
  5. You seem to have a lot to say about what happens at LZ-5 considering you haven't been there in a LONG time, Travis. Hi Steve. I was speaking about a previous experience I had at the field which was poor, not what happens on a regular basis at the field currently. They are two very different things. The main reason I stopped attending events at the field is because I was consistently having a poor experience there. These poor experiences were mostly caused by other players, but sometimes it was also caused by how the OP for the day was planned or ran. (I'm not going to go into any more details because I'm not trying to air dirty laundry here.) Since it was happening often I deemed going to the field and playing there when I only got to attend one game a month a poor use of my time and resources if I wasn't enjoying myself. I do enjoy the Milsim aspect of the field, but I don't go out to play airsoft and have a poor experience which sours my day. I go and play airsoft as a recreational hobby and to enjoy myself. Was it a problem with the field? No. Does this mean I hate the field? No. I have actually recommended it many times to other players even though I haven't been there myself in a long time. I may give the field another chance sometime, but that is for the future. Now back on topic: All of the hate Polar Star users get is because of two main things: the actual on field performance of the weapons and their ability to cheat easier than almost any other system seen regularly on fields. Should they be banned? No. If anything, they should be simply regulated better than they are right now. If Polar Star rifles had slightly lower FPS restrictions or RPS restrictions on the field that was enforced and followed, some of the complaining will go away. Will people ever stop complaining about them? No. They see the weapons as a scape goat for any argument or attack on another player, so they blame the weapon instead of the person whenever something doesn't go their way.
  6. Bump! Sold Items: Laylax VSR-10 tight bore barrel 3 Madbull XM204HP shells Everything else still available!!
  7. That's mostly because with a Polarstar Joule Creep is Adjustable without opening the weapon or changing any parts. Because a polarstar can directly change the valve output time without changing anything else, you can purposely adjust and set for a joule creep effect without modifying anything else on the weapon. With any gas gun or spring gun, you have to setup the weapon for joule creep before hand, and the amount you can creep is hard limited by the systems. (Valve time for GBB's, cylinder volume for AEG's) Not saying it isn't a problem, but most players don't fully understand Joule Creep or how to setup a weapon specifically to take advantage of it. Even if they do, they can only go so far on a Gas or spring system due to system limitations. With the limitations negated on a polar star by being able to directly adjust purposefully for Joule Creep without changing any parts, they get a lot more ire for it. Other reason a Polar Star can have a much higher joule creep is because the system uses a fixed pressure over a fixed time to propel a BB as opposed to a spring system that uses variable pressure over a fixed volume of air, or a gas system that uses the energy of an expanding gas, which again is a variable pressure system, but going from a high to low pressure instead of low to high. With a fixed pressure over a fixed time, it's MUCH easier to setup for a joule creep effect that's a lot more significant, either purposefully or maliciously. Just to be clear here, I'm not placing blame or saying Polar Stars should be banned, but what I am saying is they are the easiest system to joule creep with on purpose with the biggest joule creep gains that I see ont he field with any consistency. This also applies to some other HPA systems, but the Polar Star is unique in that you get to program the valve's open time.
  8. There is a reason I haven't been to LZ5 to play in almost 2 years. It may have been "run well" with only 14 people there (7 on 7), but the last couple of times I went with somewhere around 40 people the admin of the games was terrible. Since the admins who are trying to run C&C and the OP are also embedding themselves and trying to play at the same time it turns really sloppy really fast. The last time I was there I played for 5 hours with 40 players and kept going for our objectives, but I saw maybe 5 enemies the entire 5 hours, and only engaged 3 infantry over the 5 hour game. I know it's MilSim, but there's a line between playing airsoft and running around in gear with my &@#^ in my hand. The games were a lot better when they had a C&C element and admins running the game who were just coordinating and running the OP. Back on topic, a lot of players who play there do run more stock guns than at other fields because they are more concerned with looks and correct load out impressions than they are with performance. That doesn't mean they were only losing to you because of their weapons though, they also lost because of their tactics. The last time I was there all of my engagements were sub 100ft because I would sneak and close with the enemy before engaging. At that ranges I can almost use a springer pistol to knock out players. Your guns do out perform theirs on paper, but the weapon is only as good as the person using it. BTW, don't knock 0.2's outdoors. Yes they drift more, but you can get a ton of range out of them in the right setup. (My upgraded TM P90 with a stock length tightbore was hitting man sized target at 70 yards outside in the first couple of shots).
  9. Hate to say it but behavior like that isn't all that uncommon at LZ-5. How many people were in attendance at the game you went to btw? And no, Polarstar rifles and systems should not be banned. They are simply the easiest system to abuse on the field and a lot of the players who have them do use them in an abusive manner, which gives the majority of the users a bad name. Example: at a local field, I had a guy who was using a Polarstar complain that the other team wasn't calling their hits, and obviously it can't be his Polarstar Rifles fault, so he was asking me about magazines that fed well at 50 RPS since he wanted to set his RPS that high instead of the 35 RPS he was already using. I wasn't down range when eh was firing his rifle, but I'm pretty sure his hopup was set for &@#%^ and that's why he was missing, but he blamed it on the other players, and his reaction to that is to simply increase his RPS to hurt the other players more.
  10. Madbull shells have been sold! Sold list below: Sold Items: Laylax VSR-10 tight bore barrel 3 Madbull XM204HP shells Everything else still available!!
  11. There was a small delay in shipping some sets because my GF has been so sick the past few days that I stayed home from work to take care of her. She is feeling better so I have the time to cut and ship sets again. Half of the sets shipped today, the next half tomorrow, then I will start cutting new orders.
  12. The VSR-10 tightbore has been sold! Pending deal on the Madbull XM204HP shells.
  13. To the top! More orders have been placed. Don't be the only guy on the field without these!!
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