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  1. I had thought about doing that, but then I was like "Eh whatever, it's just a prototype" I plan on switching over to a black frame as soon as I can, and stippling that one, shaving the grip a bit and doing it all over. Thanks for the input man.
  2. Just a quick stippling job I did to my Stark Arms G17. Few other random pieces of work: Thought about doing custom jobs for people also. Not sure how much interest there is for it, though. It's very time consuming for even a small piece. If you're interested, shoot me a PM.
  3. I took the liberty to clean up your thread a bit. Please do not use so many different sized texts, and know how to before using them. If you need help with this, shoot me a pm. Good luck on your search.
  4. You're better off just selling it outright. Haven't seen our auctions used in a while.
  5. No trades PayPal Only Shipping included with this sale. Asking $150 shipped (That's $50 less than what you'd have to pay for it after shipping from Haley)
  6. PIG sold, boots for sale still. Buy the boots, I'll throw in the MBITR free.
  7. Up, need this stuff gone ASAP! I'll let it all go for $130 shipped
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