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  1. I have a strange problem, recently upgraded my CYMA AK-47 with a m130 shooting about 460 fps w .20bbs. I couldnt get the gun to fire with three NiCd 9.6v batteries I used before the upgrade, and they were freshly charged. As soon as I plugged in two lipo batteries I had, the AK fires like a charm.......... Any inputs???
  2. I am disappointed in myself for giving these people so much business. The staff is cocky and unprofessional, and customer service does not exist in this place. Every time myself or my roommates visit the store, the staff is eating lunch at the counter, working on personal airsoft projects, or chatting with people who regularly hang out there, not paying attention to the one or two customers who are there to buy their products!!!!! They give the same condescending vibe I have experienced in some tattoo parlors, they are disillusioned into thinking they are "cool" by their fanboys that hang out in the store. They are lucky airsoft guns sell themselves, because if not, they would be broke and out of business. These scumbags are an embarrassment to airsoft. Anyone have the same experience with these guys? wouldn't doubt it for a second.
  3. I have wanted this imaginary airsoft rifle since the day I began playing airsoft 6 years ago, and this is what it is........... I want a Gas/CO2 operated DMR, semi automatic, with a ammo capacity 30 rounds or more, that shoots around the 500+fps mark........ I have dabbled in the KJW mk1 carbine, it is close to what I want, but misses the mark in accuracy at range................ I don't uderstand why more guns like this arent out there..... Imagine a semi auto M16 or M14 rifle variant that could get off 300 rounds at 500+FPS with a single 88 gram CO2 canister (which cost about 8 dollars) that would easily fit in the full stock of an M16. To me this kind of rifle would be extremely advantageous on the field and be a blast to play with. Please if anyone understands what im looking for point me in the right direction!! I have searched high and low, unfortuately I think I may just have to build it.
  4. I love spring sniper rifles, but I am searching for something more specific and I just don't know ifs out there...... I want a spring single action rifle (other than a dedicated sniper rifle) thats is highly accurate and shoots in the 400-450fps range. I think that would be a fun rifle to play with. I have done the A&K dragnov but it had terrible double feeding issues...... I have been considering the Echo1 CAW ATS shotgun but it is hard to find.... Anyone have suggestions on what I am looking for??
  5. I have heard the opinion that the next best thing to the concave design is the H nub, is everyone pretty much on that same page?? Concaves must be good, or just have a lot of hype, because they are sold out everywhere. So please share any opinions/experinces with two said nub types. If I cant find a concave soon ill prob just order an H-nub, so if someone can point me in the direction of a good H it would be much appreciated. (Set-up- prommy 550mm 6.03, prommy soft buck, G&P Metal Aug hop-up, less than 400FPS) Thanks, Marshall
  6. So im building up my JG AUG A3 and focusing on accuracy at range, I have read that the barrel and hopup/bucking are paramount in this area. So I have I forked over the $70 on a 550mm 6.03 Prometheus, so I want to maximze its potential by getting a worthy hopup/bucking. First question is..... It looks to me like my choices are very limited for AUG hopup chambers, it seems the G&P metal AUG hopup is the only aftermarket hopup that people are using (I am interested on opinions on the G&P). I have read somewhere that AUG and M14 hopups are the same design, so it has me thinking there could be a great M14 hopup out there that could be compatible with my JG AUG, any suggestions? Second question..... (Shooting below 400fps) should I go with a prometheus soft bucking to match the barrel, or are there better options out there in the line of AEG buckings? Third question...... Will someone please explain to me what a nub is? ( I am under the impression it hase something to do with hopup as well)' Thanks for the suppot marshall
  7. I have a JG AUG A3 that needs a lower power spring because it shoots way over my local fields limit, and they don't give any slack (400fps limit). I think I would be safe with an M120 spring for 400 fps, but I have the first TBB I have ever owned on order right now (Prometheus 6.03 550mm) which is going on the A3. Im not sure but I think the Prommy+M120 will me push the FPS past 400. I am keeping everything else stock for now except the spring guide, air nozzle and hopup. My gut is telling me the safe bet is an M110, but I would like to get in that butter zone 385-400 FPS, mabey thats Feasible with the prommy+M110 but I don't have any experience with tightbores. Any thoughts??
  8. Just curious airborne101, using an m-120 spring, what other parts/mods did you use to achive 400 fps? thanks
  9. Good news, im trying to achive the same (400fps), im glad I don't have to spend the 70 bucks on a bore up kit, and I heard you can run into problems bore up. I got the prommy from airsoftatlanta, they are still in stock (6.03)....... thanks.
  10. Excited because I just bought a prometheus 550mm 6.03 TBB for my JG AUG A3, but crap, something just dawned on me. Am I going to need to bore up for this barrel? Im using a m120 spring, my average FPS is 375 w/ .20's, if I don't bore up, what kind of fps might I see?? Thanks guys
  11. So I think it would be kind of fun to have a loud menacing gun to shake people up, just wondering what your opinions are on the madbull noveske amplifing flashhider? And also a specific question before I buy it, Ill be putting it on my JG AUG A3, ive got a 509mm barrel and there is about an inch and a half of barrel past the threads(at the most), anyone know if the flashider will fit properly with that much excess barrel??
  12. I agree. A small AEG or AEP would fit the bill, but I cant have it swinging around on a bungie sling it will surely get snagged on everything. I found a nice PanTac MP7 dropleg, ill have to look into an MP5k rig as well.
  13. I used to roll with a KJW MK-1 carbine with a regular rifle sling and a CA g36k(3 point sling), it was a burden to lug around all that stuff. Im picking up a VSR which is going to be my primary, ill prob get a rifle sling for it, and im considering just carrying a high capacity pistol (25+ rounds) with a couple of spare mags in a thigh rig, which sounds like a very realistic, comfortable configuration. However, I consider a pistol more of a defensive weapon. I would like a small side arm that I can easily swicth to for a more offensive, agressive role when necessary that wont be frustrating to carry. Any suggestions for an agressive VSR-10 sidearm/ with sling config??? ( I like the new kwa kmp9 but spare mags are hard to come by from what I hear.)
  14. From what I have gathered, the G-spec seies has a shorter barrel with a mock supressor that can be detached, and the non G-spec series has a little longer barrel which is 303mm I think. That just seems like a very short barrel for a DMR to me (My AUG barrel is almost 500mm). From everyones experince, is the 303mm sufficient or would any of you suggest longer? Or is the G-spec length worth the added mobility?
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