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  1. Need this stuff: 1. Complete V2 gearbox, wired to front of back, don't care. 2. batteries. ANY.Prefer to buy in bulk though. 3. bb's 4. accesories- vert grips, bi pods, etc.
  2. BUMP. Proto- SOLD Lot of parts-SOLD mags- SOLD MP5- $100 KC02- $285 ACU stuff- $70
  3. BUMP TODAY ONLY-- $260 for the proto BATTERIES SOLD!
  4. BUMP. New prices: $300 for KC02 $275 for Proto $120 for MP5
  5. Hello, I am promising next day shipping this time. I know a few people disliked how I shipped last sales thread. I'm leaving the hobby, so I have all my things for sale. I KNOW MY FEEDBACK IS POOR, BUT I ASSURE YOU EVERYTHING GOT FIGURED OUT AND THEY ALL ERCIEVED THEIR ITEMS. 1. AGM GBBR M4 complete lower, bolt, and charging handle. $30. 2. 7 M4 highcap mags. All metal. NO parting out please. $45 for all of them. 4. Lot of misc internals and externals. $40 shipped for the lot. 5. HUGE lot of ACU gear. You get everything you see. A bunch of pouches, a nice RS sling, proto mask, Condor Ops plate carrier, gloves, kneepads, etc. $70 SHIPPED for it all. 6. Echo 1 MP5K PDW. COmes with 2 mags. Rarely used. $120 7. G&P MK14 Cran Proto. Very rare gun, shoots great, rarely used. Comes with rail covers and 3 highcaps. $290 shipped. 8. my baby- custom KJW KC-02 rifle. Fully OD'd magpul, with RS bamboo style handgrips. COmes with bipod, AIM scope, flashlight, rail covers, and 3 MAGS. Cost me $250+$100+20+20+20+10=$420. I'me asking ONLY $310.
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