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  1. Forums are just dying. Everyone is going to the FB groups, posting in their bbclique, etc. As far as reddit, /r/airsoft typically has a smidge of useful content buried in a sea of generic pics and cancer.
  2. that's a shame that the performance isn't as good. I was thinking if I were to get an m4 it would be this, due to already having all the other HPA stuff required.
  3. The US and UK signed an agreement to defend Ukraine in exchange for Ukraine getting rid of its nuclear arsenal. The UN is completely useless with Russia having a permanent UNSC seat.
  4. how's the range? My LCT was hitting man sized targets at >250ft stock
  5. good thing Russia is allowed to pummel Ukraine by itself without US involvement the other thing about Russian army numbers is that they're mostly spoken for. After spending the last decades burning Chechnya, Dagestan, Georgia, Ukraine, and pissing off everyone else most of their troops are busy on the border. Big time mobilization will result in big time incursions and attacks and they know it.
  6. I think everyone has an m4 because everyone has an m4. Seriously. The performance:cost ratio in m4s is the highest, mags are the cheapest by a mile, everyone knows how to work on them. Elite force has only released one model of their ridiculously amazing speedloader, no surprise it's the m4. I could go on with the incentives. They're also very beginner friendly and easy to use, short enough for cqb but decent enough barrel length for range, and comfortable for most people. This means noobs will probably get one. And then when they upgrade it's probably to a VFC/G&P M4 because they're used to the platform. As far as the US SF stuff, stuff like that will always be gucci cool popular especially since it's now cheap as well. Just do your thing and have fun. I guarantee that if you're having more fun than the try hards other people will join you.
  7. you can do much better for $250 but if you really want that square gas block and gas tube rail that bad go for it
  8. and they keep trying to pass this moronic bill instead of fixing the problem by making it 18+
  9. Planning on making an early battalion donbass kit, looking for help finding a black bdu with a certain look. I suppose any black BDU would work for this but I've noticed in pictures that they have some strange padding that looks pretty cool. I'm hoping that I can find something similar for sale. Reference pics:
  10. That's pretty interesting. Cyma apparently uses an incorrect stock angle for their AK-47s models using a much shallower than realistic angle (which is a large improvement on the design actually). This is what it should look like What's more interesting is that on the pics at airsoftgi, their AKMS models use the same shallow stock angle instead of the correct one (horizontal), but not on the evike pics. Maybe they used to use an intermediate angle for both and now use intermediate for AK-47s and horizontal for AKMS? Yup, quite bad. Another point of contention is that there are no VFC/LCT type AK-47 models, only TM clones as VFC never made an AK-47. Better externals quality goes to the AKM/AK-74 models.
  11. I'd recommend an AKM or AKMS due to the terrible low angle of both the AK-47 and AK-47s stocks
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