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  1. me and another friend a are trying to put a airsoft game for this saturday the 27th here in college place let me know if u guys are down for playing just let me know before tommorrow
  2. thanks dude sorry we had to cut it short but my number is 509-200-9468 ill let u know when we are going to play again I don't know if u have a place to go play let me know
  3. hey man sorry about today but I know next week that we are going to play so let me know if ur going to make it
  4. anyone looking for a place to play in walla walla let me know
  5. aroun7

    walla walla

    ya im down for it just let me know when and what time u guys start playing and ill let my team know so we can head over or if u guys can make it down here
  6. I know there are people around the walla walla area who play come on people
  7. im looking for players in the walla walla area who are looking to go play airsoft on sundays around 1230 till 5pm it will be cool if we can get some new players to come out and play. the area that we play on is woodland, river, rock lands but hopefully soon we set up an urban area. just let me know if u guys can make it
  8. ya we have a local players and a place to play if ur still looking
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