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  1. Bump. prices are OBO. Masada reduced to $175, take-all reduced to $425
  2. Hey all, I'm getting out of airsoft so I'm selling the rest of my airsoft stuff. First the list, then the pics: Bundle 1: A&K Masada (Black) $200 Comes with: 3-9x40 scope, 11.1v 2200mAh LiPo, 1 Elite Force 140 rd midcap mag, flip-up ironsights, Wii Tech loading nozzle, extra internals and parts. Don't have original box, sorry. Issues: has an intermittent feed issue, also fire selector switch currently shoots full auto in safe and single in both single and full auto modes, needs a little attention. Still shoots hard though. Bundle 2: KWA ATP (Black) $130. Comes with: extra magazine, propane adapter, original box with manual, hop-up adjustment tool(s), extra grip backing, etc. No issues KWA 49 rd MAGPUL PTS FPG extended pistol magazine $40 BLACKHAWK SERPA CQC Holster for Glock 17/22 $30 (right-handed) V-Force Anti-fog full face mask $50 Tactical Vest (OD green) comes with single dual frag pouch and Admin Pouch all for $40, all OD Green Random internals, including motor, spring, M4 hop-up mechanisms, aluminum barrel, barrel cleaner, etc. $25 132 round 40mm grenade $20 First, second and third folks to buy from me get a bag of BBs free. If you buy two bundles/items, you can have two bags If you buy everything from me, you can have it all for $450 and I'll cover shipping I'll ask you to add on $10 for shipping and if shipping turns out to cost more than that, I'll cover the rest. Thanks!
  3. Do you know the size of the flecktarn? specifically looking at the trousers, but may buy the blouse too, if it's the right size. (as in, is it like a 30"-32" or something like that? or maybe a better question: do they fit you and what do you usually fit into?)
  4. I know Glockgirl works on guns and is in central (I think) iowa. good luck!
  5. free bump for a sexy G3! If I didn't already have my own super hot full-length G3 myself, I'd consider buying this... good luck!
  6. Ok, so I just got my Madbull Gemtech Blackside mock suppressor from AirsoftGI and it is bada$$... except for one thing. The threads seem just a hair too tight and it won't fit on my barrel. The gun is a G&G FS-51, I removed the stock flash hider as you can see in the pictures, and tried to thread on the silencer, but its a no-go. I even clamped the little barrel segment that has the 14mm CCW threads on it in my vice and tried to muscle on the suppressor. I got maybe 1/2 rotation on but decided to stop for fear of damaging the threads on either the silencer or the outer barrel. Has anybody else had any problem with Gemtech suppressors? I could re-tap the threads of the suppressor, but finding a 14mm CCW tap may be problematic. Any ideas anybody? A few pictures to get you interested: thanks for reading airsoftforum!
  7. The silencer you linked to is a quick detach suppressor, like Linglingjr said, but the flash suppressor itself probably attaches via a 14mm counter clockwise (CCW). Most silencers themselves do have 14mm CCW threads though. If your gun says it has 14mm CCW threads on the barrel and the silencer says it attaches via 14mm CCW threads, they should be compatible.
  8. Hmm... darn. Well, thanks for the info anyway, good luck.
  9. a few questions, I read the link to the ebay review and it has a diagram at the bottom showing the 2-pin motorola type ptt accessory connector. Does this radio really have that? If I bought this from you, that would be the one function I would need to have. Also, you mentioned 220V... Are you including a transformer? How do you charge it? Also, is this a radio that requires you to get an FCC license?
  10. the ACOG came in the mail a little while back and once I got the batteries for it, it worked perfectly. Looks awesome on my G&G FS-51! Good seller! Thanks!
  11. Hey All, Don't mean to necropost, but I thought I'd post with a little info that I've got. I got this pistol from gi a while ago and although I had a few issues with it, I am super impressed. It's a beautiful piece and performs fantastically. Ok, my complaints are threefold, only one of which truly having to do with the performance of the gun. 1.) Least important but would've been a nice touch, I wish there were aiming dots on the sights, or something to help align the shot at night. My first OP I brought this to was an all-nighter and it was tough to line up my bead. Plus, the sights are pretty high-profile, but my holster was big enough, it never kept me from drawing it quickly. 2.) My second complaint is about the rear sight. While test-firing it in the back yard, I kept having to crank up the rear sight to line up my shot, but then I turned the screw just a little too much and *ping there goes my rear-sight adjustment spring. Then, the pin holding the rear sight together (where it pivots) fell out, so I had two missing pieces on maybe... the second day of owning it. So I fixed it by cutting a paper clip segment for my rear sight and crazy-gluing it in place, and I used a shortened and widened ball point pen spring for the rear-sight adjustment spring. Fixed. Ok, that was fine. 3.) After maybe 75-100 shots through the gun, I started to not be able to pull the trigger on the first couple of shots. The KP45 Tactical has a trigger-stop screwed into the trigger, but it was just a quarter-turn too long, and it was loc-tited in there pretty good. I tried everything. I tried turning the screw. Nope, wouldn't budge, plus my allen key was too long, so I had to dremel it down. Well, maybe I could heat up the loctite...I used my soldering iron to try to heat it up, nope, still wouldn't budge. I just ended up rounding off two or three allen keys (I think it was a 1mm or something really small like that). I took off the slide to see if something in the firing mechanism was catching, but I ended up giving that up because I didn't want to disrupt the finely engineered balance KWA had created. I didn't want to permanently alter the gun, but I ended up having to. My final solution was to use a small ceramic dremel grinding bit and grind down the corner of the trigger-stop. It took maybe 10 minutes of grinding, but once I removed enough material, it was perfect. The gun fired absolutely every single time, without fail. And still does. After these few altercations, this gun performs amazingly. It is so loud, so crisp, so fun to shoot. It shoots HARD too, as someone else earlier mentioned. If I had the money, I'd own two. Just an awesome gun, and I'll be upset to see it go some time in the future. So buyer beware, great gun, may need a little work. The work will pay off though -d
  12. Does the 4x16 scope come with scope rings and//or battery? Also, what did the mp5 stocks come from? what did you have them on? Thx!
  13. I like the sound of it, any pics per chance? may be interested
  14. nice BDUs! also, btdubs, in case anyone is interested in a translation, "Baumwolle" is cotton (tree wool), not sheep's wool like you might want to think. "Schadstoffgeprüft" means it is free of contaminants, and "alkalifreie feinwashmittel (aufhellerfrei) verwenden, intensiv spülen" means that you should use alkaline-free, bleach-free mild detergent, and to rinse thoroughly. Not that any of us care about how we wash our laundry... ;)
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