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  1. Bump. Remember, Looking for a 32 GB Ipod 5th Generation in trade for it! Will add cash if needed!
  2. Hello ASF, I'm looking to sell my 1911 setup. Carbine kit: $60 KnightHawk Custom: $120 Tightbore barrel: $30 5 Mags: $20 each LE stock & buffer: $20 Extended Barrel Suppressor : $15 Original Barrel : N/A Hangrip : $10 Looking Price : SOLD Only Trade : SOLD Magazines : 2 work for this pistol. But all are leaky. The other three are to large. I've only shot about 100 rounds out of it, shoots great. I'm the second owner of the gun. Gun has been kept in good shape, has some scratches on the externals due to sliding it out of the carbine kit. **No Returns**
  3. Movies are meant to be enjoyed, not to be nit-picked because someone fires 30 rounds from a 1911 with a standard mag. Why don't they do it "realistic" you say? Because 98% of the Audience DOESNT CARE. And who are you trying to appeal to, the 2% or the 98%?
  4. File a PayPal dispute. Should get his attention.
  5. There is Feedback on his account saying someone received their three cans of gas. This is not a business, having to wait 5 days is common. People have lives.
  6. Depends on the P90, Condition, and what's done to it. Please PM me.
  7. Bump! Possible trade for a GBB Glock / 1911 ( No WE )
  8. PM'ed. And Bump it up. Really wanting a Elite Force 1911 Tac or TM AEP. Would accept a CYMA 0.30 plus cash. Need it for a short film coming up.
  9. Custom JG Krebs Ak-47 Internals - R-Hop Custom Barrel Mod Modifications and Externals - M4 Buffer Tube ACM MagPul CTR Stock Black Rail Covers Black Aplifier Shortened Barrel Wired to Deans Heat Stippled Grip Stats - 9" Spread at 170 Feet 15 ROF
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