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  1. But who wants to be the first guy that risks $180 on a gun that may be a waste of money. I sure hope it's a good gun, or if I can at least switch the gearbox out for something more durable
  2. But who wants to be the first guy that risks $180 on a gun that may be a waste of money. I sure hope it's a good gun, or if I can at least switch the gearbox out for something more durable
  3. Alright well today I decided to check on evike's new products. I noticed seeing a new TAR 21 there and was REALLY excited when I saw the price of only $180. But I had picked up on 2 major problems 30 seconds into reading the title of the gun and the description: Who is S&T? And does it say this gun is made with a polycarbonate gearbox? Or do my eyes deceive me? Or am I underestimating the strength and durability of a plastic gearbox? http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=37580 I am not hating on the gun or anything. I am just wondering if this gun really means business, or if it will just be a piece of crap. It says the gun is TM compatible, but it doesn't say what version of gearbox it is or if you can switch the plastic gearbox for a metal one. So does anyone have any info on this gun that is useful?
  4. This is my only choice of people to play with as we are all friends and stuff. And yeah, everyone does bear it all. I am going to try running the idea behind all the main airsofters again to see what they think now.
  5. Well, none of us are very well off in the airsoft world. I have 1 hi cap and two midcaps, and I am considered to have a lot of ammo. But no one shoots until they see someone close, so no one suppresses, or sprays (sometimes). So yeah, I will tell my time to shoot as little as possible then attack after the Opfor runs out of ammo, but what will happen is the other team will just run off and we will have to find them again. It's just a depressing, pointless cycle. Juggernaut suit activated.
  6. Yeah this really is bad, and I feel lame for doing something like this, but I have to do what I have to do. I just want to make airsoft fun, as I have reiterated many times before, I don't like hiding behind a tree doing nothing like everyone else on the field because nothing can happen.
  7. Don't have a plate carrier. But what I have learned is that if your shirt loose, like there is an inch of air in between the cloth and your skin, that it absorbs basically all of the impact. if there was only a way to do that to all of you though
  8. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! and to Served Consistently, I was thinking, if I put cardboard (the kind thats 2 layers thick and almost has an "X" patter inbetween the two layers) in pockets and everywhere, do you think that could serve as armor? It probably wouldn't get pierced if it isn't the first layer, and it would probably absorb all of the inertia. Just an idea, I don't think ill be creating a shield though btw haha
  9. I'll have to beat them at their own game. I'll get everyone on my team to do the same, it'll be boring. But it will be completely worth it in the long run when we finally get to get the game moving. The funny thing is that even if I don't purposely exploit the game, everyone hanging back doing nothing would happen anyway.
  10. My juggernaut suit is already completely set up when the time comes because I already have considered this. The person I told this to was pissed off, but it's the way of the game. And I will never lose. haha
  11. I would, but I really have no other option. I could always convert to their ways, I don't necessarily hate it. It's just that games never make in progress when we play their way, just people hiding behind trees.
  12. Where I play airsoft there are two kinds of people: 1. Myself, who believes in 1 hit/burst kills, then you go back to your spawn and 2. People who think that the only way to get someone out is to shoot them repeatedly until they surrender, no exceptions. I honestly think that my way of playing is a bit more reasonable and conventional, but no one seems to agree with me. When we have played their way, the battle just stays locked into place with people hiding behind trees. If anyone peeks out from their tree, they get shot at. There's no point in returning fire because no one is going to surrender after getting hit by a small burst from 50 feet away. It really is just a waste of time in my eyes. My style of playing is safer, and things actually get done because if you have people getting out and temporarily leaving the battlefield, that gives the other team a chance to over power and actually move up. Real life tactics work too, like suppressing ect. We are always arguing on which way to play, and they bring up 1 valid point. Playing my way involves an honor system, and cheating will happen. But to me it seems like I'd rather have a little cheating than absolutely nothing going on. I really want to compromise before anything else but they are unwilling to. Any advice? Also, no backyard airsofting is involved in this, it's all on private, sectioned off, and hidden property.
  13. That's completely relative to how many people there are in the entire battle, what kind of battle, the scenario ect. But I'd say 6 so you could have every one optimize and stay specific to their role since there are so many.
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