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  1. Ahh, okay. So what would work better, a Laylax orange, or PDI hard piston? Is there any major differences? I see that the orange piston has an air brake, so if I want to maintain my FPS, I should get a PDI, right? However, the PDI piston uses O-rings, which tend to easily rip (though they are easily replaceable).
  2. Wha- wha- wha- what!? Where did you hear that? I hope you are going off of intuition and not an actual source. That would be very depressing. And I hope you're joking when you say no one is carrying upgrade parts for it. The thing is, they generally make the gun in batches, and they get sold out VERY quickly. Right now, Airsoft Atlanta seems to be getting all the TM guns in the states (exaggeration; others get some too). They actually have some in stock right now: Pro-sniper version. G-spec version. Real-shock version. They also have hundreds of parts dedicated for VSR guns: VSR-10 Parts. If you don't want to pay the high price of a non-clone, or you don't plan on upgrading it too much, I would just get the Javelin.
  3. IMO opinion, this is how it seems for the systems: VSR-10 < APS-2 - (when not upgraded) VSR-10 > APS-2 - (when upgraded) When talking about the Javelin vs. BAR-10, I would say it is sort of the same. If you're just looking for stock performance, then the Javelin will hit at much further distances. And the Javelin is more durable than the BAR-10 (and what do you expect from $180, plastic?) If you are willing to, you should get a TM VSR-10 over both of those if you plan to be spending a good amount of money on upgrades. It would have much more durability than both of those that you're looking at. Otherwise, it just comes down to how much you are planning to upgrade and how well you take care of it.
  4. Would that require getting a new spring guide as well? Or will my normal PDI one fit the piston fine? Will I need to replace the spring too? The spring is a 13mm OD and 11mm ID.
  5. I'll try to make this quick. My PDI Hard Piston that I installed in my BAR-10 has broke. The end of it that is suppose to catch onto the 90-degree trigger (I have a v-trigger if relevant) has been ripped off of the rest of the piston (which ruined the threads it attaches by). The spring I use is a %250 SPR, and I am using the correct spring guide. Everything else in the cylinder is stock. I thought that the hard piston would be able to stand up to that spring (many people can put %300 springs in with no problem). When this happened, the o-ring on the tip of the piston broke off and jammed the piston from being caught on the trigger (which effectively ripped the piston from itself). Anyone hear of this issue? I'm going to put an order in for another in case it was a bad piston. I've never heard of this happening before though.
  6. Theoretically, semi auto guns do have less potential than bolt action when it comes to accuracy. However, this is only due to the vibrations the motor gives, and it does not make much difference. In fact, you can argue that it is equal because the trigger on bolt action rifles require more pull. However, again this makes almost no difference. This is a very debatable subject, and I would not see it in one way or the other. However, what is not as debatable is the loudness of the gun. A motor will always be much louder than any BASR you will find. Even with my rifle upgraded to 570 FPS, it barely gives even one-tenth the noise that the motor alone on a semi-auto sniper does. Motors give off a high-pitched and longer lasting sound than the piston in a BASR gives off. This causes noise that is easily noticeable for hundreds of feet. Many people know a couple of ways to bring the noise down, but even then I've never heard a semi-auto sniper get nearly as quiet as a BASR. The moment you shoot that thing, they know your position. Another thing I'd like to point out is that even though the RS SVD has a lower FPS than most rifles? It does not effect it at all. I've seen it in action, and once you tune it a bit you will be hitting 200-250' easy... Remember, when it comes to sniping, semi-auto is not going to be better than bolt-action (not saying it is worse, but when it comes to actual sniping such as stalking and giving intel, it makes no real difference). When it comes to DMR though, it is much better to get a semi-automatic weapon. Speaking of which, does anyone know of any good, reliable, gas, semi-automatic sniper rifles? I think that would solve much of the "noise" issue I described before...
  7. Check the gearbox and motor for any damage to the gears or piston teeth. It could be that one of the teeth is not catching all the way and releases the piston slightly early. Otherwise it is probably an air-seal issue (though I doubt it considering it is dropping 90 FPS).
  8. By fitting problems... You mean the receiver and outer barrel? I see no fitting problems, even after replacing all the internals. Where did you get this information from?
  9. What is your budget, and what is your field's FPS limit?
  10. Not to the spec of the TM perfectly? What do you mean? everything has the same dimensions as the TM version. From what I see, if you plan on upgrading the gun completely, then the only difference would be non-performance factors. The only thing that would be different would be the stock, the outer barrel, and the receiver. The outer barrel and receiver on the JG are both fully metal, and the stock on the JG model is so nice that you wouldn't even want to replace it. However, unless you plan on upgrading everything soon after you get the rifle, I would always recommend the VSR over the BAR.
  11. I'm gonna have to say Airforce. The technology they use far surpasses the other branches, and I guess that makes me a little biased in that way.
  12. The stock hop-up unit on the L96 is horrible in my opinion. I highly suggest getting a PDI hop-up chamber. It is the best anywhere that you will be able to find. You can even order it from a stateside retailer: http://www.Airsoftatlanta.com/PDI_VSR_10_H...ber_p/64000.htm
  13. Yea, I'm going to call BS on that one... At 70 meters, a .2g BB will have almost no energy left. It would be going at only 10 FPS by the time it reaches the target. If he used a .3g BB like he says, he would literally have just over .01 joules of energy left, which would be about 30 FPS. You got any video of yourself shooting? I want to see this for myself.
  14. I've used synthetic thread in my suit, and I have to tell you, it breathes 10x more than jute, burlap, or any other material I've used. I don't even notice it is there!
  15. As much as I appreciate it (I don't really, but I enjoy sarcasm a lot more than most), I think I made the wrong impression. It's not that I don't have the strength to pull it back, but after 2-3 shots my shoulder ends up hurting and my hands start getting sore. My gloves help, but it pushes up against my shoulder.
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