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  1. (Moved from the FB) Hi guys! I have a KWA 1911 and 6 mags for sale! Comes with an 11 gear speed draw holster, and 6 mag pouch. Missing the left side safety, otherwise perfectly fucional and shoots nice! 150 Shipped or $140 local obo
  2. Np, I was thrown off due to the lack of trades on it, vfc's are usually stamped up like mail envelopes. That is a great price for a vfc. Ill bite, what are you looking for on the ca proline?
  3. Hi Team, Anyone have a SCAR hanging around they would be willing to part with? I am primarily looking for a VFC scar in decent condition, with minor/no upgrades. Would be willing to consider a TM, or a DBoys, Price is the factor. What I am looking for: 1 SCAR Items that would be Pros for me, ($ for you) -Tan (preferred) -Fair condition -Complete -Mags What I am not looking for - Full builds - Parts guns beyond repair - Ares Scar (Had one already) Sorry if I come off a tad negative, sifting through all the other replies to my WTB Scar ads has been an eye opening exp! I am not against simply buying one outright, but wanted to feel out, and see if anyone had one first. In the market, Paypal in hand, and looking to buy!
  4. Fair warning, Element is an airsoft parts manufacturer.
  5. Because you need to......Look at the zeon hahaha! As to Gauges! None of my guns stay nice that long! OCd builds out the wazoo. All chrome all day! Sights on all guns! New slides! All guns must have pommel hahaha
  6. One had a failure with the screw used to secure the blowback assembly, it stripped out, and the gun began having horrendous jamming issues. My second one began to have slide/hammer lock issues very reminiscent of a Leaf spring failure, or a sear failure. However, it had less than 500 rounds through it, and even repairing/replacing the leaf spring did not help. Neither did replacing the sear. Honestly, those issues may have small, easy fixes, but, After a few days of messing with them, I went back to my Tm's and just parted out the KJ's 1 TM 5.1 hicapa - over 5,000+ rounds - on stock BBU/barrel/hop - new springs/sight - looking to add slide to this as a new build, but, it is my weekly primary. Airsoft Friday 5-11pm every friday. Been going for that past few years. 1 TM 4.3 with Infinity slide and upgraded springs/spacers/ect, FINALLY died out on me. Had 8000+ on that. * Edit to note, I bought the base gun used, so, no idea on final round count TM <- Never buy the Aegs, Never ignore the GBB's TM<-
  7. Its not a must, Just a recommendation. I buy new parts to put in new Tm guns immediately upon purchase....does that make TM a bad gun? The Zeon is a quality product for 1/2 the cost of a TM, and gets the job done well. I would recommend them over the KJ any day, neither of my KJW hi-capas lasted very long, which was a stark contrast to my KJ mk1, and G26, which have been fine. Honestly, if you have money, Buy the TM. Hi-capa's have the best aftermarket of any GBB pistol, and TM makes the best Hi-capa. It will be hassle free for years. If you are going with a clone brand, KJW, WE, Zeon. I would save the money, and go with the Zeon, as for the price of the KJ, you can own a TM for $20-$40 more, and have a much nicer pistol. KJW comes with a nice grip stock, but, it is a simple matter of a few bucks to add that grip to your TM.
  8. Hi guys! I am doing another collection run. Looking to pick up a few Hi capa platforms. I am running through my frames quite fast. Always like to see if anyone has these pistols lying around, before I go an buy all new ones SO! TM and Zeon hi capa platforms, TM 1911 models. Slides and body kits for either I will always be interested in specialized grips for Hi-Capas! Just looking to collect any unused/project stuff to use in a few builds **If anyone has a TK Twist lying around for Hi Capa lengths, let me know too! Thanks!
  9. Full metal exact Tm clone. Very nice gun for the price, most buy with some upgrades in the same cart, then drop in. Mags are ok Tm mags are best, but zeon will use those too. IMO: TM>Zeon>Kjw
  10. Marui Hi-capa, no contest. Best after-market on any pistol in the market. Also more accurate than KJW, just better overall. Or cough up $70 for a zeon hi capa, and stick some upgrades in it :)
  11. Selling all my stuff, came across a box of WA mags! Tested a few. Hold gas fine. Hope these can go to a nice WA user out there. As I switched to all HIcapa! $4000 or just make me an offer! :D Weight is pretty good on these! Will trade 1:1 for tm mags in same condition (like new)
  12. Hi Guys! Its Exarach again! And I'm being indecisive! I left for a bit, BUT, last night, I pulled out my Limcat to sell it, and, while playing around, remembered how much I really liked doing this, SO! I want an opinion! If you were to see one build! One gun that you would go to the range, see, and say Daaaaymmn! WHAT gun would you like to see! I am leaning towards the perfect sight, but, wanted to see what others thought! Looking to combine these with a Marui 5.1, unless anyone has a better option. :D I have built a Wildcat, and an SVI infinity, plus numerous other, less "Name" builds. These guns are used for CQB, and to take my mind off work. They are made to rock, and look beautiful. I want to put up a build thread, and figure, this is a great way to do it! Let me know! SMOKING HOLE Perfect Sight 2 Tone - Silver - Tiki -
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