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  1. Hi Everyone, I've been a lurker of these forums and finally decided to register. My current experience with airsoft is only with my TM HiCapa 5.1. I'm hoping to get some advice from as many of you as possible for my first AEG purchase. I won't say anymore since I'll be writing another topic in the appropriate forum. Anwyay, looking forward to chatting with you all... Thanks in advance! -BigWil
  2. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to say HELLO and introduce myself! I've been a paintballer who played many years ago and thought I'd get into airsoft just to try it out. Thanks to my nephew, my interest grew. To start, I've done some research over the past couple of weeks and visited some local stores. And just this past weekend, I ended up buying a TM HiCapa 5.1 with the stainless finish. I did also looked at KWJ, WE and Western Arms but because of the price, reputation and availability of OEM and aftermarket parts, I went with Tokyo Marui. Now I'm not sure if I'll ever get to see any airsoft combat, but what amazes me the most about airsoft is how real these weapons function compared to the actual weapons they represent. I'm just totally blown away. Anyway, I believe I made a good start with my first airsoft weapon. And like many hobbies I've taken up, I have a certain feeling that I'll be upgrading parts with the HiCapa soon so if you have any suggestions on where to start, please let me know. Thanks in advance! Cheers, BigWil
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