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    Matrix M4 Zombie Killer - Modded after Halo 2 SMG G36c Frankengun ICS Sig552 w/LBK ICS M16 w/SIR Long Rail System M4 Frankengun based on Dboys M4 P90RD w/TM Upper Echo1 MP5 Master Arms JG G3SG1 A&K SR-25 TM MP7 AEP DBoys Scar-L

EFSFMatt's Feedback

  1. MMech left Positive feedback   

    TM G18c AEP Parts Lot

    EFSFMatt was The Seller

  2. Dmitri Kalashnikov left Positive feedback   

    M4 outer barrel and ICS metal M16/M4 carrying handle.

    EFSFMatt was The Seller

  3. capone5 left Positive feedback   

    Classic Army m203

    EFSFMatt was The Seller

  4. aznriptide859 left Positive feedback   

    TM/E1 P90 Body

    EFSFMatt was The Seller

  5. guineypig left Positive feedback   

    KSC G26c for ISC CXP shell

    EFSFMatt was The Seller

  6. BigTr33z left Positive feedback   

    SIG parts

    EFSFMatt was The Seller

  7. gorbasho left Positive feedback   

    G36 pistol grip and gearbox shell

    EFSFMatt was The Seller

  8. Fenix left Positive feedback   

    JG Sig 552

    EFSFMatt was The Seller

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