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  1. Just going to go with the spring pistol. I already have a tri-shot so I don't want to carry around 2 shotguns :P
  2. Hey everyone, I have about $30 bucks left on my store credit which expires in a few weeks. I was thinking of getting a last resort gun. Would it be better to get a spring pistol or the gravity fed uzi which I might be able to mod later on if I get motivated to do it? I Already have all the magazines, BBs and accessories I need for awhile so I really don't want to buy more of them.
  3. Thanks for your input everyone. I'll go with the MP7 if I can find it in stock
  4. Looking to get a sidearm for around $100 and since pistols seem to be out of stock everywhere I'm torn between getting a JG Scorpion or a H&K Mp7. I know JG is a decent company and I haven't heard good things about Umarex but the Mp7 is more expensive and (usually) that means it's better. I also like the look of the Mp7 more but I'm willing to sacrifice looks for a gun that won't fall apart on me in the first week. Any insight is appreciated
  5. Are aep springs fairly universal? Looking for one to upgrade a DE USP but I can't find any specifically for it or the TM version.
  6. Like other have said, I'd go with Airsoft GI and save the extra money + deal with a better company
  7. Is there any markings to tell if it is an Echo 1? Sorry I'm new and haven't bought an Echo 1 before
  8. Found a supposedly Echo 1 M14 on craigslist for $20. Comes with a battery so I know it's at least not spring operated. Guy says he's only had it since July so there shouldn't be too much wrong with it and even if there is I'd still take to to work on my repair skills. Haven't been able to find any LPEG m14s on any websites so my question is: What's the worst gun this could possibly be?
  9. Well Uzi is the only one I know of but it's pretty low quality.
  10. Just saw one on ebay for around $120
  11. While I was taking apart my AUG to find out why my trigger wouldn't fire in semi-auto, a BB fell out followed by a part. Not exactly sure where it came from but I'm sure it's important. If anyone could tell me where it goes and/or how to put it back in it would be much appreciated. :) http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z422/a.../1204001718.jpg Never mind I figured it out.
  12. Well thanks anyway. I guess I'll just look for an MP5 or something
  13. Was looking at getting this gun as a possible sidearm since I can't find any AEPs that don't require AAA batteries in stock for under $100 and I like the Uzi look. Haven't seen any posts about Well that were made in 2010 so I was wondering if they're still a terrible brand and if so, could work be done on this gun to make it decent? Willing to put a lot of work into this as I'm just getting into airsoft and would like be able to upgrade and fix my guns on my own eventually and if I broke this it wouldn't set me too far back. Would like to be able to use this for CQB. Thanks
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