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  1. The title explains it. I have a few things to trade. Also looking for a 50mm scope. PM offers. Thanks
  2. I have a few things to trade. Only really need one mag and battery with it. Just send me offers in PM box and I'll get back to you!
  3. Coming up on my final chances to sell, make offers, I'm flexible
  4. Take ten percent off for the last few days of my sale!!
  5. A couple offers, but no deals made. Any ebr owner considering getting rid of their rifle, contact me!!
  6. Bump it. Looking for offers on everything!
  7. Please PM me a picture or a link to the identical gun, thanks!
  8. Mods, please close my other thread, was getting too clogged. I accept Paypal, shipping not included. I'm honest, I expect the same. Any Questions...Ask! I'll consider trades. Would really like an ebr. ECHO 1 RED STAR AMD-65 It is nearly new and is around 390 fps. Stock internally and externally. Comes with 4 high caps and 2 batteries. Stock broke off, but is included $160 UTG M3 SHOTGUN Also close to being new, comes with 4 shells and OD scabbard. Rarely used. $65 TOKYO MARUI MP5K Custom gun with paint, stock, shims, spring, and inner barrel all upgraded. Around 340 fps. Needs to be put back together. everything is there. Includes 1 high cap. $165 HFC C96 MAUSER RIFLE Few knicks on the wood, but nice overall. Very quiet. Mag included. Leaks slightly. $85 HFC MAC 11 Missing wire stock, but works perfectly. Nice condition. Insane rate of fire. Non leaking mag included. $80 KWA G18C Upgraded nineball hop up unit. Works fine. 2 non leaking mags included. $160 G&G M4 Highcap. Like new. $14 G&G crane stock $25 Smart Charger. Like new. $20 2x 9.6v nunchuck batteries. Like new. $20 ea 7.4v mini stick lipo. Brand new. $15 NC Star tube red dot. Like new. $30 Classic Army Suppressor. Has CW and CCW. $28 Army issue Woodland Pants. Size Small-Long. $18 Army issue ACU Pants. Size Small-Regular. $18 Pictures:
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