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  1. m21

    My Sig 552

    MacDowell Hand Starter & Used A65 Engine. From a 1946 Aeronca Chief. This engine is complete, with carbs, mags, & exhaust BUT was removed from the aircraft in 1985 due to low compression! It has been crated & stored in a climate-controlled shop since then, but make no mistake - this is a tired engine that requires a rebuild. Logbooks available. I am including the engine mount, nose bowl, prop spinner, AND, most importantly, McDowell hand starter system. This is a complete system, with handle, cable, winding mechanism, and gear with prop bolts.
  2. I'm big multicam fan, I know its overly common but there's a reason for it. It works! I do completely agree that no matter what you have there are ways to blend into any environment, but multicam is a transitional pattern, meaning you can use it in multiple environments. Its very good for woods containing lots of greens, this is the only place I've used an it works great.
  3. Been wanting to go there sometime, but I hate the fact that you have to wear a full face mask to play. I understand if your over 18 you don't have to, but a mesh lower helmet and goggles with a comms headset will provide much more safety for my head but I was told I can't wear that unless I'm over 18. Has the rule changed since the new ownership?
  4. Nevermind after looking around I don't think they're extremely rare. They would probably sell for a bit more than MC's though.
  5. For holding it that way I would suggest that new gas pedal grip that came out recently. Also whats the brand on those pants? They look to good to be Emersons or TMC, and the real sand colored Crye's are pretty rare I think.
  6. Thats pretty awesome, I love KSK impressions.
  7. That would be awesome, but I bet its a pain to lug that puppy around.
  8. Hey DeltaThree, Depending on your budget I would recommend Allwin, Emersons, or FFI combat sets. -Allwins will give you the best cut, color, and build quality, But they are the most expensive of the three I just named. They would be around 110$ shipping not included. -FFI ( Flash Force Industries ) have more of a skinny jean cut to them, and the colors aren't that bad. I don't know much about the build quality on these though. IIRC they are around the same price as Allwins. -Emersons are probably the worst of the three, some of their patterns such as AOR1/2 and MC are way off from the original patterns. The build quality seems to vary with these though, I've heard mixed reviews some saying the build quality sucked and some saying they were good for the cash. From personal experience I would say they are nice for a casual skirmisher, but they won't last long if you beat the crap out of them every weekend. These are the cheapest sets you can buy out the three I named, they will normaly cost you 40-50$ for the pants and 30-40$ for the shirt. I hope this helped, if you need more info on these I'll be glad to help you out!
  9. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who doesn't know, but its one beautifal blaster. Makes me want to build something like it, heck, all your builds make me want to build something similar
  10. The sight is most likely cheaper because its coming from china. The reason they are more expensive here in the states is because that retailer had to pay for the shipping, so the price goes up even more so they can make some profit. I don't really think you'll have much of a problem with them, but I would contact them to make sure that the 551 is in stock. China stores usually aren't very good at keeping stuff in stock.
  11. http://www.ebairsoft.com/combat-shirt-woodland-p-6432.html http://www.ebairsoft.com/gen2-style-tactic...and-p-6060.html
  12. First off everyone is rocking the tan mechanix gloves nowadays so you could change that up and get some of the less common mechanix gloves. Also if you can expand your budget to get Toysoldier combat pants and shirt then do it, they are overall better quality than the allwins, but if you are on a budget then allwins do just fine. Also you might want to get either a g-code or safariland holster instead of the serpa. The Mk.18 is fine, but the vanilla seal teams have gotten very 7.62 dominate, so an Mk.17 would be a good platform to look at. I would also suggest checking out Devtsix, there is a lot of helpful info on their website for putting together NSW/NSWDG kits. Hope this helps
  13. I know ASF seems so dead compared to when I first joined, it's so sad
  14. Poor Kilo, I know how you feel. I'm sure Coyote98 will post something to cheer you up.
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