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  1. update update update update! I need to sell the other set of parts :(
  2. SUUUPPPRRRAAAAA!!!!! I have a tough question, do you like M14's? :P
  3. honestly, depending on what you do, a secondary may not be the best way to invest your $160. I usually play a DM role, had a KWA NS2 1911 for a few weeks, fielded it a few times, never used it. I'd put that $160 into your primary.
  4. airsoftatlanta currently has Tru-spec multicam BDUs for $48 for the top, and $48 for the bottoms.
  5. When airborne goes, shlunka goes. The biggest thing is, perhaps it's just myself miscalculating, there seems to be a higher newbie/veteran ratio on the forum, lost a lot of good posters without replacing most of them.
  6. I have no personal experience using a neoprene mask, however, from what I have heard, they have about the same pain relief as a balaclava, if you're worried about taking hits to the face, I would suggest just buying a full face mask, or buying a good quality mesh lower.
  7. Just about any metal receiver is stronger than a similarly priced plastic receiver. However, G&G's magnesium bodies seemed pretty sturdy to me compared to some of JGs metal bodied M4s.
  8. If you do not know, William Branham was a man, who in the 1930's made seven predictions. http://en.believethesign.com/index.php?title=Prophecy , as you can see, the predictions are vague at best. One claims of women rising to power, which would have been clear to see in the 1930's after the establishment of voting rights. Another claims of cars using what he called "radar" to navigate without a driver, however, cars even now do not use "radar" to move, instead, they use laser navigation and cameras. Yet another vague prophecy is of Adolf Hitler, Branham made the "prophecy" that the U.S would suffer huge casualties in a war with Germany and against Hitler. One may say, that this prophecy must make him a prophet since the prophecy wasn't vague at all. However, in 1933 "the year he made the prophecy", the Nazi party had already done the book burnings, and also withdrew from the League of Nations, making this prophecy nothing more than common sense when it comes to what is likely next. And of the supposed mass casualties of the U.S in Germany, compared to Russia, the U.S lost very little troops to German soldiers. Yet another prophecy, the fall of decency and morality in the U.S. Was the fall of morality not proven in the settlement of the west? Murder of native americans, taking of their lands and illegal imprisonment of them a sign of the loss of morality? I guess people believe that wearing short skirts and cursing in public and cutting a womans hair short "branhams ideas of the loss of morality" are worse than the enslavement, murder, and stealing of lands of the native americans decades before. I see absolutely no amount of "prophetic visions" with Branham, instead, I see someone who points out facts that were clearly going to arrive in the decades following. I know this is random, but I've had a lot of people talk about the "prophet" of William Branham, and I wanted to clarify things for those members of this forum who see him as such. Sorry if this is in the wrong section, move or close if necessary.
  9. Not sure if I spelled rezveratrol correctly, however, I recently watched a medical show that claimed the product has extended life in animals by upwards of %40, is this a medical breakthrough, or does it's effects diminish on human subjects? Discuss?
  10. Just wondering where I could find water-proof canvas for finishing up a ghillie? Or could I just use tarp and paint it? thanks.
  11. In all honesty, you're 14, and even if you started airsoft when you were 8 years old, that's not enough time in my opinion to put 1,200 into a gun. Seriously, go buy a G&P, get someone to tech it, add a mosfet. Unless you have a bunch of other 14 year old friends who invest over 1K into an airsoft gun, investing that much money and time into the sport is a fruitless expedition. Now, almost everything you added was completely unnecessary for a good gun, I would suggest looking into internal upgrades, which, unless you know what you're doing, throws KWA out as a horrible base gun. I think you would be better off investing $1200 into a car.
  12. Just be more careful, or get a finer sand paper.
  13. Yes, or a bee sting compared to getting slugged. The pain from paintball is too different from the pain from airsoft to draw a conclusion about which hurts worse. I've been hit by both, personally, I think airsoft is more painful, though I haven't been hit in paintball nearly as much.
  14. Curious, but where can I find Pencott for sale? Been wanting to try to purchase some recently.
  15. So you're spending hundreds of dollars on a target gun?? Why would you go with an M240 if you're shooting targets, lighter gun would be better and cheaper? It seems you actually want to use this in a game, if that's the case, I would highly advise against running 550-700fps in an automatic, people won't want to play against it. 400fps <AT> 30rps is fine for a support gun, you don't need 500fps in a support gun, 500-700fps takes A LOT of upgrading and teching inside the GB just to get a gun to run, let alone be dependable enough for the support weapon.
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