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  1. got one mods please close
  2. Bump someone take these for cheap
  3. All items sold mods please close
  4. I need an optic for my rifle. Im not looking for much, maybe a t1 or clone eotech. Id go for a low powered scope as well. The only problem is that I have a budget of about 35. Please pm me if you have anything you would be willing to sell, and do not post on this thread about how limited I am with a budget of 35. Thanks and pm me if you have something in my budget.
  5. eagle industries holster is spf take the safariland for 25 shipped
  6. bump looking to get these sold
  7. High caps sold. Take the real caps for 12 shipped
  8. These real caps hold around 30. Also, they are not PMAGS sorry. Bump looking for 25 shipped. Also please pm me if you would like pics.
  9. Looking for a quick sale here. Paypal only, pm me for pictures, shippings on me and only trades would be elite force m4 mid caps. 1. Echo 1 hi torque motor. Has seen maybe 10 rounds by me and about 1-2k rounds by previous owner. I installed it in my m4 to make sure it worked. went through about 10 bbs and then took it out as I had a jg red motor on its way. Works great and is in 9/10 condition. Retails for 40 plus shipping. Id like 28 shipped. 2. What I believe to be a stock classic army motor. No markings to indicate this but previous owner told me it was a stock classic army motor. Works great, would make a great backup motor 8/10 condition. looking for 10-15 shipped. Please pm me with any questions or concerns.
  10. Ok ive got 2 high caps and 3 real caps up for sale. I don't know the brand but the highcaps hold around 350 and the real caps hold around 30. Im looking to get around 30 shipped for the 5 mags. Im willing to part out but I would like to keep them together to make it easier to ship. Please pm me for pics and any questions.
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