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  1. I am in need of a side arm after mine got stolen at our local event . Im looking for a P226 or 1911 style pistol to trade for my G36.. JG G36 363mm 6.03 Madbull barrel Deans Connectors 7.4v 2200 Mah Lipo and charger Madbull Surpressor 4 Mid Caps Carrying case It only has safe and full auto... I'll include the part to make it semi PM me or Text me at 425-999-1155 for any more information and photos.
  2. I was looking in making another loadout and was wondering if and OD Softshell would look good with propper multicam bottoms?
  3. Im looking to buy a working JG G36 to get a few parts from, im looking for it to be under $110. Message me if you have an offer.
  4. SHIPPING IS INCLUDED Item will be shipped with a tracking number. You may contact me by PM on this forum. I will accept trades. This gun is in good condition with a small amount of scratches. It comes With everything listed below. It is only missing this little black peice and its spring (Link Here). The mock bolt catch pushes on something in the gearbox that lets it shoot when in the body. The one on the link dosent come with the spring witch is one thing you'll have to find, sorry about that. The only reason im selling this is that I just cant get used to the feel of it. This is my backup gun and I never use it anymore. $260 Shipped Upgraded G36 JG body KWA Gearbox Highspeed Gears 363mm Madbull barrel Deans Connectors Madbull Surpressor Under 350 FPS Comes With: Gun 2 Mid-Cap Magizines Carry Case 7.2v 2200 Mah Lipo Supressor
  5. For ya'll today I got a size medium Condor battle belt. $12 Shipped. And also I have an tan small belt for $7 Shipped. Let me know if you need more pictures. Thanks..............Battle belt has ben sold.
  6. bump I have a ACM CTR stock for $25 Shipped Also a Tan Condor Battle Belt and a kaiki belt for $15 Sold -------------- Single stack mag pouch Dump pouch
  7. I would think it would be easiest to get the low power bolt. A lot of fields and arenas don't allow velocity reducers. And sneacking it in would be a horrible idea. Don't they make npas systems for kmp9?
  8. At one point it will...but not for a while.
  9. Get the foregrip with the space for it... Their not that expensive.
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