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  1. Unfortunately I haven't been able to play airsoft in years. Long story short, I just physically can't do it anymore. After we moved last year, I never even redisplayed my replicas(I used to keep them on a peg board). They've been sitting in gun bags in my closet. So the other day I got the urge to go out and shoot, and really wanted a BASR or I'd settle for a DMR. As all I've got left are a few short guns left, and they were nothing but wall hangers anyway. I gave away my game gun. So with that said, I want something that will stay working. I don't want to tinker, upgrade, or work on my replica as soon as I get it. I want a reliable rifle. I've got a couple of great guns I'd be willing to trade. I've got a FDE A&K Masada. Comes with an ACTION FDE acog type sight, and atleast two short type FDE Pmags, also has a gemtech reccessed supressor. No battery. Second is a; KA S&W M&P15 MOE in black. Has a EOtech 557 replica. No magazine or battery. I can throw a supressor on this if you're interested. I might MIGHT have a battery for one of the guns, but I'm positive it got lost in the move. Both guns work 100% I never used them in a game. Both were treated like actual children, thats why they're all thats left!
  2. I've got both an A&K FDE Masada, and a KA S&W M&P MOE in black I'd let go for less then $300 a piece if either interests you. Both include a sight.
  3. Full metal, eh? How about Magpul? I've got a KA S&W M&P MOE in black. If you're interested shoot me a PM.
  4. im very interested in the torch. what are you looking for trade wise?
  5. All my Airsoft stuff is just sitting around since my accident, and haven't touched most of it in months. if anyone remembers me, I never played much just collected replicas mostly. with Christmas around the corner I figured I'd get rid of a dead hobby looking for: Tablets Netbooks/laptops desktops Ps3's smartphones(must use simcards!) need all cords! no 360s, wii's, or broken stuff! all I have are Airsoft trades! KA S&W M&P15 MOE BLACK with a replica 557 eotech and a 1700 mah 9.6v battery. A&K MAGPUL MASADA FDE with 3 short pmags and a fde action acog style rds. also included is a rare recessed threaded gemtech suppressor to give the gun a shorter looking outer barrel. CYMA AIMS with a 8.4v stick battery. blowback gets jammed but fires fine. no Airsoft trades, no part outs, you ship FIRST to ensure electronics aren't broken. ill give out my personal email AND phone number to aid healthy communication the entire time! Don't lowball me. I know what I could be selling these for on here or eBay.
  6. Very cool stuff. You do these yourself? I want one or two of these... You do anything custom?
  7. Yeah... No. I use the rattle sound to gauge whats left.
  8. Photos taken of the A2Z SVD. Might have a lead on a SCAR. I hope so...
  9. I've got an Ares M110 with what I believe to be an ARL issue. FS/FT if you're interested.
  10. The fact his BUSINESS website got hacked is a legtimate claim enough that it's a bad decision to ever place an order there.
  11. God I want that Stryker m4. You ever want a CM 050 let me know! Free bump.
  12. Willing to trade for a PRS stock too. but, bump.
  13. Bump. Willing to take most M-type variants,.
  14. I have alot of differant tastes when it comes to guns. I like the old, tried and true guns but some of the new toys are just, amazing. I've been dying to do a WWII game.
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