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    Airsoft, Swimming, Basketball

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    A&K masada KWA SR-10 ICS CXP.08 Alot of chinese m4s

plloppii's Feedback

  1. EDI 1st left Positive feedback   

    Mystery Box

    plloppii was The Seller

  2. SnackOnCookie left Positive feedback   

    JG M16 (lacking some lacking parts)

    plloppii was The Seller

  3. Rebel925 left Positive feedback   

    Got an ak body , was in great shape, quick shipping!

    plloppii was The Seller

  4. Frosty23 left Positive feedback   

    8"-12" Bipod

    plloppii was The Seller

  5. guineypig left Positive feedback   

    LiPo battery

    plloppii was The Seller

  6. guineypig left Positive feedback   

    ak mag lot

    plloppii was The Seller

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