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  1. Is the VFC Scar H still available?
  2. Now before you go filing away at your mag catch and having to buy a new one, answer me this if you will... Is it the main body of the mag hitting? The feed lips? or the Gas route bucking? If its the main body of the mag you will have to do as prescribed above and mess with mag height. If Feed lips then again same diagnosis, but if its your gas route bucking you may need to buy a shorter one. You could also look at changing Bolts, some bolts interact with mags differently. Maybe even a nozzle change.
  3. Well Careful of that Bolt lock on the receiver there, If the matrix's are anything like the Well's (im pretty sure they are, just rebrands) then that will be next to go, along with hopup adjustment arm, mine snapped off right where the spring puts tension on the arm, and my bolt lock split in half right on the pin, I had to CNC mill some out because I couldnt find spares anywhere. Other than that, a Nice 6.01tbb, A+ bucking and its a killing machine.
  4. Is that the Well G96? I ask because it looks like it and I also see that you removed the folding stock knuckle. I too did the same with mine.
  5. Yea come the time I finish this and sell like mentioned above Ill probably make mags tapped just for HPA and you (the customer) can choose which mag you want.
  6. I always liked the idea of the asahi m40 shells unfortunately itd have the same problem as they do with shells. When pushing the bolt forward having to force the shell against the pressure of the air inside.
  7. Heres the original Idea or concept as it was in my head Buy socom gear m82 Make gbbr conversion as there is no such rifle in existence Sell for approx $400 as lonewolf stated make for all versions of available barretts. The reason Im trying to keep for around $400 is that P* has their HPA gearbox that you can put in the Barrett due to fact its a V2 weapon. However I do not like the fact that the gearbox is only held in by the pistol grip. P*'s sell their gb for round $400 so If I can make a GBBR kit around that price range I may get good sales. As for HPA (assuming rifle build goes good) I may make the mags already tapped for HPA that way all you have to do is connect your line. The mags are 15 rounders. So only 5 above RS. But I don't mind as I dislike Highcaps. I may try to find a way to get more rounds but we will deal with what I have for now. Yes Socom Gear is supposed to have a Shell Ejection version and they have been talking about it for 2 years now? (if memory serves) A. Im not waiting any longer for a Good gas Barrett ( I LOVE barretts.... ) B. Im not paying the immensely Insane price they are going to ask for that. IF an AEG barrett is $1200 what do you think a shell ejection is gonna be? C. I don't think they will finish the shell ejection anytime soon as from the looks of it they cant get enough gas power to cycle the rifle correctly. If you've seen the prototype pics they have the gas stored in the mag just behind the shells. For 10 rounds of shell ejection with that big of a shell and bolt theres simply not enough room in the gas storage they have to cycle the rifle properly all 10 rounds. Hence forth the reason I believe we still have not seen this rifle. D. Should I get this GBBR kit working good and selling I will continue on and attempt what SG is trying and go for a Shell ejection, because come on. Who wouldnt blow a load if some dude ran up to you with a barrett dropped it next to you and fired off 3 rounds and subsequently three brass shells of the .50cal nature went "pinging" out the ejection port!?
  8. There are many times I have greatly considered gas in the stock, unfortunately Id much rather have full travel of bolt. The bolt being just over 8" in length is going to be traveling about 16+" total and to add in a return spring/buffer assembly is going to take all the room in the stock. So that option is out. I also did not want to do an inline setup as I know they may perform better but the way I see airsoft is getting your weapon as realistic as possible. Meaning no lines to your rifle.
  9. So im a member on gasguns and Ive been posting this and updates on there since I started but having started milling on the Massive bolt for this rifle has got me excited for completion. So I figured its about time I posted it up here. Heres my go at a Gas blowback Socom Gear M82. If im correct in my info it will be the only airsoft GBBR barrett in existence as (again if memory serves) the VFC was a NBB. What you see in these photos below are only prototypes and still need testing. Should I get the gun working flawlessly and performing the way I want it to I will sell the drop in GBBR kit to anyone who wants to buy one. It will be expensive as well its all Billet CNC'd out of 6061T6 aluminum. The main operating system is running the WE open bolt system for a scar. Nozzle and feedlips/gas route bucking. (should that not work I will move on to the WA or perhaps one of my own design). The mag however has a GHK Co2 outlet valve as well its much bigger and stronger than the stock WE's and getting a hold of replacements is much easier. The gas is and will always be CO2. I will not make a Greengas operating system as I can guarantee it will be too weak to push the bolt. This kit is as mentioned above and is a Drop in kit for any Socom Gear Barrett M82a1 (V2=Barrel Springs) I have no clue the differences between version 1-1.5. (If you have the version 1 or version 1.5 pm me, I have something I would like to talk to you about). Drop in meaning no modification to the host rifle and direct replacement. Meaning in the summer or warmer days you can make your Barrett GBBR and in winter when gas is too cold to use, swap it back to aeg. Most of these pics are taken with my phone so please excuse the crappy quality. Anyways here are some pics....
  10. Heres my sniper, SG M82. Bone stock...for now =P What I will tell you is it will be GBBR here within the next month or so.
  11. I have a group of people that I play with, Usually get about 10 per show, some still in High school, others not (including myself) We usually play once or twice a month depending on schedules and we are based around Adrian, MI. Bout 40mn's out of toledo. Pm me for more info, as we too are looking for people. Im growing weary of small backyard woodsy type games.
  12. How much for a set or two of gears? and a piston or two?
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