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  1. So, from what your saying, I can put a nunchuck 12v or 10.8v in the sr-10 as long as they are 2/3a cells? What about 4/5 cells? How big can I go with those? Thanks guys, Kling
  2. Yeah, I'll probably just deal with the stock, and put a 10.8v crane stock battery in it. I would probably get the sr-10 over the sr-12 becuase it's smaller and I can maneuver it better. Thanks, Kling
  3. Hey guys, Thanks for all of your input! I know that the Kwa would be a smarter choice, but I love the looks and the functionality of the f2000. I only want a gun that will not give me any hiccups, as I have had lots of problems dealing with airsoft guns before. Which is why I am kinda leaning towards the Kwa. What I do not like about the sr-12 is the length. I know the sr-10 is similar, but I do not like the stock, and the battery options. If I did get the sr-10 is there a way to change out the stock for like a m16 stock, or something that will fit a large battery? I want to stay away from Lipos. Thank you, Kling
  4. Hey guys, I'm looking for a gun for no more then $400 and I think I finally narrowed it down. I play in a field, so no moving through lots of brush or any of that. Engagement to the enemy is 70-180ft. I'm looking at only stock performance, I don't plan on upgrading. I made a list of pro's and con's for both of the guns and I rated each pro/con on a scale of 1-10 and they both came out as the same score. If you have either the Sr-12 or the Fn2000, could you post what you like about them and/or what I should know. Are there any other guns that you would recommend instead of these? Thanks, Kling
  5. Hey guys, I purchased a Bravo BV7 (Basically a Well MB07B) from Shortyusa. I want to upgrade the barrel to a tightbore, but I do not know what type of barrel I should buy. I was thinking a vsr-10 cut barrel, but it is not 100% vsr10 parts compatible. Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Kling
  6. Would this work in the Echo 1 er-25k? It has a normal version 2 gearbox with an extended piston head.
  7. So, to get the correct amount of air pressure, I will need to get around a size 509mm barrel and a type 0 cylinder?
  8. What would you recommend me do to get the correct amount of air pressure?
  9. Thank you for your quick response. Yes, I know I have an extended gearbox, but echo 1 states that my Er-25k has a "special" gearbox, that has an extended piston head instead of the cylinder, enabling it to be compatible with all other v.2 gearbox parts. This video also explains it well: skip ahead to 2:05 I appreciate any advice you can give me. Thanks, Kyle
  10. Hi, I have recently upgraded my Er-25k's barrel to a 610mm 6.03 Madbull barrel, but now there is not enough air compression because of the huge barrel change. So I did some research and I have found this as a solution: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=147 Is this the solution I need to my problem? If so, will this fit and work correctly in my Er-25k? If not, what would you suggest? Thanks alot, Kyle
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