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  1. Your right I am sorry but I just don't appreciate some dude calling me an idiot and yea my work shedule gets in the way same with everyone else. It is just hard to find people to play and the when you have to try and all meet at a spacific window of hours it's hard I wanna find a place with no hours that we can go play anytime. And I will check out that place in redlands fer sure but the only thing is weekends are tough for my team we all work but I'm sure I will figure something out well if anyone knows any spots maybe even that are open Mondays or Tuesdays let me or and if anyone wants to play hit me up
  2. and its kind of legal we have looked into alot of laws and there are alot of loopholes. and don't worry we are taking advantage of everyone of them
  3. wow what a girl if you afriad man don't worry about it just keep reading. kind of a chick thing to say...... the reason we play is cause all of the fields have funky hours and all of our guns shoot too hard. so don't worry kid plus me and my team wouldnt wanna go to DFF and work you and all of your friends. hahahahaha and if you ever feel froggy we will play you anytime
  4. me and about four or five guys play around rancho at a couple less then legal places lol but it is awesome. hit me up if you are down you can message or e mail me . we play alot as well
  5. hey buddy me and my brother and about another three guys play at schools alot after dark at like 11 pm or so we are looking for people cause they are big schools if you are interested hit me up. its not the most legal thing but fun as
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