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  1. Hey all, I have a WE M4 CQBR with the stock barrel of 9 inches. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with getting an even shorter barrel? I'm thinking like a 5 inch barrel. Any way to do it without taking a hacksaw to the barrel? Any products that will allow me to use AEG outer barrels?
  2. The hopup nub should go in the hop up housing (also contains the feed ramps) that is attached to the inner barrel. Pull out the inner barrel, and unscrew the two halves of the hop up housing at the end of the barrel. There should be a pretty snug niche for the hopup nub. Here are my steps for reassembly: Place hopup housing with female side facing up, so the insides are facing up. Make sure the rest of the hopup pieces are in place. Insert barrel with bucking into housing, hop up side facing the other hopup components. It should lock into place via the groves cut in the side of the barrel. Insert hopup nub into place (there should be a pretty obvious hole where the nub should go. Place other half of housing on top. Tighten down with screws. The end! I can provide pics if you need.
  3. I originally but a Matrix (I know, garbage) nozzle, but I have since switched back to the stock nozzle.
  4. I have an A&K M249 that has suddenly stopped feeding. I put in a new air nozzle, replaced the wires with some thicker gauge wires, a weaker spring, and a faster motor. After reassembling, it couldn't feed. I replaced the air nozzle with the old one, because I noticed the hopup/inner barrel didn't line up with the feeding tube (ramp?). That didn't work. HOWEVER, when I pushed the barrel forward a bit, it fed. Any ideas as to how I can fix this without resorting to glue washers to my gearbox to shim the barrel? Anyone suffer similarly?
  5. I don't really remember (me being over 18 and all), sorry.
  6. The staff are biased towards their own teams. Like for some reason one team always spawns at the best place (shortest distance to objectives), and that team is usually stacked with the regulars and Alakdan team members. Area 48 pros against CQBCity Full auto is allowed Greater FPS limit Admission ($20 vs. $30) Closer to the bay Area 48 cons against CQBCity games are less organized less props less cover terrain is tougher Area 48 pros against Sequoia Admission (vs. $25) You can use any type of BB Paintball mask is not required Different gametypes Area 48 cons against Sequoia Not as friendly staff games are less organized field isn't as authentic (vs. redwood forest) Parking area is more crowded Raffle prizes are weak less diversity amongst players less tactics There are more comparisons to be drawn, but those are the ones I can think of for now.
  7. I have my holster on my right side, just in front of where my rifle would hang if I were to release it. That way, I could switch quickly. I used to have it on my left side, so I could cross draw. While that WAS more comfortable, it made reloading a bit awkward, because I was forced to put my mag pouches on the right. I had to reach around my body to retrieve mags and replace them (yes a dump pouch would've alleviated this, but I don't like the bounciness of one). I am running a SERPA holster.
  8. People like your friends are the reason CA SB798 exists. They will ruin the sport for the majority. I say, tell them to grow some brains and play on a legal, sanctioned field. You need more responsible friends.
  9. any word from OP (rukus) on what he's decided? Here's my take on the sidearm issue: I always believe in being prepared. I have run out of mags or have batteries die during long games. Switching to my sidearm allowed me to continue playing. That being said, it is rare for those events from occurring, since I like being prepared with spare mags and spare batteries. I think the deciding factor would be the type of fields you play at. Fields with CQB elements (buildings, tight confined spaces) should warrant a nice semi-automatic (at least) side arm. Springers aren't gonna cut it indoors. Fields without CQB probably don't need sidearms.
  10. Haha, I've gotten lost there a few times. Sometimes you'll try to flank, but you end up flanking too far and end up in Lower Field by the lockers or Firebase Delta. Just stay within the orange fencing. Area 48: The community is mostly Filipinos. There are two rival teams there. The field is sponsored by Alakdan Airsoft, a nice mom and pop store. It's located by the intersection of Brokaw and Oakland street, in the PS Business Park.
  11. depends on what kind of gun. M4's have the problem of flexing when you put a two point sling on them. G36s are meant to be plastic, so no worries there. Internally, it shouldn't matter though. Oh, and scratches are ugly on plastic.
  12. Suppressors definitely change the sound of your gun, especially from the front. I'm not saying that it reduces the sound, but it definitely changes it. Maybe I'll post a video.
  13. It's ok. It's kinda poorly organized and feels a bit sketchy. For instance, it literally is someone's backyard. The field itself is decently sized, and although they do have a nice network of empty barrels and drums set up, there is almost no cover. You can see where your enemies are almost at all times. The refs are biased towards the local favorites, especially when it comes to spawn location. Games range from 20-80 participants. I say check it out once, look at the field and decide whether you want to pay.
  14. look into t-tiger's optics sale section. He ships from poughkeepsie, NY. His optics are cheaper than most retailers and of similar quality. He cuts out the middleman and then sells the products with very minimal mark up. http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/WTS-Opti...UT-t201017.html He's a trusted seller. Some advice about parts and etc. always shop around before buying anything. You can probably find someone on the forums trying to sell the part you need for a fraction of the retail value. The only things I would buy brand new are eye/face protection and clothing (camouflage, boots, gloves, etc)
  15. how about those of us who dress as part of an airsoft team? Or those of us who load up appropriately and out of necessity? For instance, when I play territory control style games (including CTF), I will strip off my tacvest on the field, and reduce my weight so I become high-speed, low drag. Then, when the territory has been secured, and it becomes a defense-oriented game, I will retrieve my tacvest with all the zillion mag pouches and ammo and bunker in. Of course, I would never remove pouches from my MOLLE vest just because it is a pain in the fingertips trying to rethread them in the heat of battle, but you know what I'm saying. I carry only what I think will be absolutely necessary + a little bit more. So if I think that I'd only need one hicap during a game, I'll bring one hicap and one midcap (in addition to the one in the rifle).
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