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  1. I have a KWA 2gx M4A1 if you have something to trade for it.
  2. Another good option is to wait for a good deal for a KWA on eBay. My brother got a KWA 2gx KM4 cqb with a magpul CTR stock, magpul moe handguard, a 9.6v battery, a smart charger, and a bag of BBs all for $200 and everything was basically brand new. That's like $500 worth of stuff and it came with everything he needed to play. If you can find a good deal from a good seller then I would definitely go eBay.
  3. Personally,I think the KWA sr12 is your best choice. with a good shim job and a nice lipo you can run up to an M150 spring(that's what KWA rates it for) but I've seen people run heavier springs than that. I've personally run an sp140 spring in my completely stock 2gx M4A1 with absolutely no problems. Iwouldn't recommend this but it was more of a test than anything. And no, KWA's are not as proprietary as people say. KWA's just work better with stock KWA parts. there just aren't that many things you can do to make a KWA much better. It's like when people get mad because KWA has a plastic 2-piece hop-up unit and they want a metal 1-piece unit just because most people think or have been told that it's "better" than KWA's even though KWA has one of the best hop-up's and the best air-seal out there. Just an example. If your interested in KWA you should go search around on their forum and ask some questions on there. There's alot of really nice DMR's on there and everyone on there is really helpful. Good luck with your decision. (uh oh, I may have just started world war 3 by telling you to get a KWA )
  4. where does the battery go on it? I may be interested.
  5. I like the magpul MS2 sling. it can convert from a 1 point to 2 point. it can get uncomfortable if your just wearing a t shirt and if you gun is heavy but if you wear a bdu or vest/tactical gear then it's not uncomfortable at all. if you do just wear a t shirt then you could add some kind of padding or just get a different sling that comes with padding. as for the RIS... I think because ICS doesn't use a real gun style delta ring only certain RIS's work. I'm not sure which one's work but I know that if the RIS does need a real style delta ring to install it then it won't work.
  6. I'm looking at putting a madbull Daniel defense omega 12" ris on my KWA M4A1 and was wondering how sturdy the Omega rail is. I've heard it's really solid but I was worried that if I had a 12" ris on there with a vertical fore-grip it would wobble because of the way it goes on the delta ring instead of using a barrel nut.
  7. does anyone know of a good sight for under $100. I need it to be bright enough for outdoor play in sunlight. I've been looking at G&P's eotechs and aimpoints and I've heard some people say they're ok for sunlight and some people say they're not. If I got the killflash for the aimpoint would that fix the sunlight problem?
  8. agreed. alot of this is good info but there's alot of bias involved. especially towards KWA.
  9. also, does anyone know what size mount that light uses? (it won't let me edit my last post)
  10. does anyone know of a momentary on pressure switch that works with this flashlight? http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/gandp-r500-rech...500-lumens.html
  11. thanks for the help guys. I fixed it by taking the trigger box off and putting it back on but now its doing the same thing. I'm going to look for a parts diagram and see what I can do.
  12. so while sighting in my friends M28 today I think something in his trigger box broke. I don't have much experience with snipers but I've done plenty of work on AEGs so I'm pretty competent with mech boxes and things like that. anyways, it was shooting fine and then all of the sudden when you cocked it the bolt wouldn't go back forward unless you pushed it with a fair amount of force and then it would shoot forward. once it did that it was like you never cocked it. it seams like something inside isnt holding the spring back when you :censored2: it. it does this every time you try to :censored2: it now. like I said, I'm not really a snipe rifle guy so any help is greatly appreciated, thanks
  13. how often do you guys play and how many people usually attend your games? do you have an adress I could map out to find how far it is from me? I recently talked to someone from your group and am interested in coming to skirmish with you guys. it looks like a very cool place to play. thanks
  14. What's the most you can spend on everything together? That would help us give you a few more suggestions.
  15. Is there anyone near the Palm Bay, FL area playing airsoft? Anyone play at Hog Wild?
  16. thanks for the help. did you have to file down the piece on the receiver that the buffer tube goes onto to make it fit? I heard somewhere that that piece had to be 25mm or shorter. is this true? what's the largest 11.1v lipo that you think would fit in there? do you think this wiring will work in the stock?http://www.awsairsoft.com/stealth-v2gb
  17. I'm trying to find out about the G&P Marine Battery stock for my build. is there anything that you guys can tell me about it? I've been looking but I can't find much info on it. will it fit a KWA 2gx M4? do I need special wiring to rear wire to the stock or can I just use standard rear-wiring? what the largest 11.1v li-po that will fit in it?
  18. will the KWA 2gx hop up bucking and KWA nub work in the JG 2 piece hop up unit that comes in the JG M733?
  19. I agree (once again,no sarcasm intended) about the barrel, longer barrels do give a slight FPS boost, but not enough to worry about.
  20. okay thanks. any idea on if I should change the hop-up or not?
  21. you shoulda stuck with KWA btw, I can't find either of those motors that skag187 posted in stock anywhere. I heard they quit making them.
  22. Hey everyone, I'm helping out a friend here and I'm just looking for some simple answers. A friend of mine has a JG M733 that he bought in 2010. He's not too happy with the performance but he's not too good with internals so I'm upgrading it for him. He wants to run a 9.6v in it. He's looking for around at least 20 RPS or more on a 1600mah 9.6v. he doesn't care what his FPS is. so I'm thinking just a simple set-up like a G&P M120 motor and a guarder sp110. any thoughts? He's also looking for some accuracy upgrades. I don't have much experience with JG's so I'm wondering if I should change any of his hop-up parts. what parts would you recommend for that? will this barrel fit in his gun? http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/upgrade-part/pa...-aeg-300mm.html I'm sure that barrel will work with his gun but I just want to make sure with you guys. will there be a good increase in performance with this barrel over the stock barrel? thanks for the help
  23. Okay, I'm still looking for alot of this stuff so please,please,please offer up!!! here's things I do NOT need anymore: low profile gas block Magpul MOE handguard Magpul MVG fore-grip(I still want the one for the RIS) KWA 2nd cqb barrel piece everything else I still need. I have a really good offer for an RIS so if you're looking to sell yours then you should hurry up and offer it. I also need an element high-speed long type motor. I'm also interested in a madbull one piece 10" outer barrel I need the peq-15 in dark earth ASAP. it doesn't matter if it has a battery with it or not but it has to be able to hold a battery. I really need this stuff soon so please offer up if you have something. the worst I can say is no!
  24. both long type and short type are out of stock so I hope you already got yours. now they're out of stock pretty much everywhere.
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