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  1. KSC Glock 19 Hi guys, today I'll be selling my KSC Glock 19. I accept PayPal only and may meet locally if close. After successful payment, please allow up to a week for me to ship. I almost always ship within 3 days, but if anything goes wrong it will take a week MAX. KSC Glock 19 with 4 KSC 20 round magazines: $170 Shipped for US Snappy blowback Great accuracy Upgraded Good condition Well-Maintained Lubed $150 KSC Glock 19 $25 Lonex Barrel, 6.03 I believe $10 Strengthened Guarder Recoil spring $10 Guarder Spring Guide $10 Guarder hammer spring $20 Angel Custom Rocket Valve $120 4 KSC 20 Round G19 Magazines Original total: $345 I may or may not part out the mags, feel free to ask if interested. Internals will not be parted with :) Pictures (Varying in Time Taken, Newest>Oldest) : Feel free to ask any questions. I will usually respond within 24 hours. Thanks and happy shooting! Dragrain
  2. Hi guys, Selling some stuff today :) I can take PayPal or LibertyReserve from those who have it, I prefer PayPal. DISCLAIMER: Most of the following items come without pins, or screws. I will try to provide the correct screws/bolts/pins, but I do not guarantee they will be there. Another note- MOST of the bevel gears have semi-damaged teeth! They will hold fine on lowspeed builds but may not in high speed builds. If you have any questions please let me know. ======== Pricing ======== Magpul MOE Grip No Plate (Tan Painted Black) - $15 Shipped Random other grip, no plate - SOLD Random Magwell Grip - SOLD Flashligh/Laser Side Mount - $6 Shipped Matrix? 7 inch Rails, Painted Black - $22 Shipped Noveske w/o Inner Cone - SOLD Ranger Magazine Baseplate - $6 Shipped Offset Flashlight Mount - $6 Shipped Madbull Aggressive Shark? Flashhider - $18 Shipped Replica Eotech - SOLD 2x Rail Covers - $8 Shipped 4x XTM? Rail Covers - $6 Shipped Bottom Rail for 1911? No screws, like always - $10 Shipped Magpul AFG 1 Tan Painted Black ( Has screws ) - $17 Shipped JG 416 Upper and Lower receiver, has charging handle and INNER cover - $45 Shipped KNT? (Some HQ Brand, TN?) 450mm Barrel - $28 Shipped JBU 300mm Barrel - SOLD Madbull 228mm Barrel WITH SYSTEMA Hopup Kit, Random Bucking and Flat Hop Mod - $50 Shipped CenterPoint 3x40? Scope, for Pellet Guns, $15 Shipped Random Buffers 3x - $30 Shipped KING ARMS Buffer Tube, includes screws - $28 Shipped Random Stubby Stock Top (May be missing one unnessecary small screw, not sure) - $20 Shipped Random Stubby Stock Bottom - SOLD Crane Stock - SOLD P90 Buttplate ( From E1? ) - $6 Shipped 14 Inch Outer Barrel, weird paint splatter - $10 Shipped 7 Inch Outer, Scratched badly - SOLD Random Empty E1 Hopup - $10 Shipped Random Charging Handle - $6 Shipped 4 Random Pistons, First is SHS 15 WITH BACK TOOTH JB WELDED ON- NOT SURE ON FUNCTIONALITY, Blue 15 Tooth, SS -2, Tornado, Bravo Teeth JB weld with back teeth, Systema stock piston (Free bravo teeth) - $20 Shipped 3 Random Cylinders with 2 Heads? - $15 Shipped Random Mosfet, has active breaking needs looking into - $10 Shipped Random Wiring, needs rewiring, contacts not fried no shuttle - $6 Shipped 4 Random bevels, may be worn out/stripped - $10 Shipped 4 Random Sectors, all work - $15 Shipped King Arms 13:1 - $15 Shipped (Semi-damaged bevel) Weird Bevel/Spur combo, scrap - $6 Shipped Bravo 8mm? GB, Not sure if damaged - $30 Shipped G&G 8mm? GB, Not sure if damaged - $20 Shipped JG 8mm GB, has all bearings and some normal gears - $20 Shipped G&G 450 Hi-Cap, not sure if working - $6 Shipped Random 300? Hi-Cap, used to feed well in DSG - $10 Shipped MAG? Midcap, 100? - $6 Shipped Lipo-Disclaimer: All wired to deans. SHOULD still work, uncertainty is a major element :) Sky 1600 MAH 20c - SOLD Sky 2200 MAH 40c - $15 Shipped Sky 2200 MAH 40c #2 - $15 Shipped Sky 2650 25c - $15 Shipped Turnigy 14.8v 1800 MAH 20c - $20 Shipped Hobby People 2500 MAH 25c - $15 Shipped Zippy 2200 MAH 25c - $15 Shipped Bravo XYCLONE Motor SHELL, and PARTIAL BOTTOM ENDCAP - Frankenstein, includes SHS? Armature - $30 Shipped Eagle Hummer? (Decent) Motor, Needs screws/brushes/springs, partial - $15 Shipped Some battery pouch - Buy 2 or more lipos, free Condor Vest with 3 Mag pouches - $75 Shipped Dye i4 Gold, Good Condition, Smoked Lens and Amber - $80 Shipped Voodoo? Dump Pouch - $14 Shipped Voodoo Triple M4 - $10 Shipped Condor? Belt - $10 Shipped Voodoo? Triple Pistol Mag Pouch OD - $10 Shipped KJW Xcelerator Type Pistol Grip - $10 Shipped High End (Airsoft Surgeon?) Magwell - $15 Shipped 1x Pro-Tech Kneepad (lol can't find the other one) - $15 Shipped If I have missed anything please let me know and I will hit you up with a price :) Thank you for your interest. NOTE: Spend $55 or more, get %5 off. Also: For those wondering about my negative rep, it was worked out with a partial refund. Thanks.
  3. Hello All, Standard Selling Rules Apply! Selling a TM DSG P90. 320 FPS <AT> 55 BPS $500 OBO- OPEN TO TRADES! Externals ------------------------------------------- TM P90 Upper Lower Laylax Railsystem Included(Not the crappy E1 version) Laylax Boxmag(Not the crappy E1 version) Hurricane Pad Internals ---------------------------------------- TM Hop-Up Bravo .03 TBB FLAT HOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TM GB Shell Hurricane Bushings RIOTSC DSG 14:1 Ratio Gears Guarder Cylinder Set 70duro Sorbo SHS Spring Guide SHS M170 Spring LONEX TORQUE MOTOR (RED) SHS Piston (Full Rack) MOSFET! 18A Rated Fuse, Resettable. Handles 11.1 and 14.8 fine. Video ------------------ Located in Orange, CA. $500 or OFFER! OFFER UP ON TRADES, I'M OPEN TO ANYTHING!
  4. Bump. Bravo GB Gone, MS2 Sling Gone, Madbull Barrels Both Gone, RVG also Gone. Adding: SYSTEMA SUPERCORE PISTON -3Stroke - $20
  5. BUMP. MAGPUL RVG, MADBULL 229MM BARREL SOLD! Everything else still up. I'm shipping tomorrow afternoon- if you want anything urgently, TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT TO BUY! Anything purchased tonight is free shipping, anything over $20 is $5 off. BUY TONIGHT TO SAVE!
  6. BASIC BST RULES. CHECK LAST POST TO SEE ANY SPECIAL DEALS! Selling Bunch of Stuff~ ALL PRICES OBO. PAYPAL PLEASE. Prices do not include shipping. G&G Upper/Lower : $20 Madbull PWS Front Set (LEGIT SET) : $50 Tango Down Grip: $10 Magpul PTS CTR Stock : $35 King Arms Buffer : (BRAND NEW, $15) Magpul RVG : $15 VLTOR Front Rear Sights : $15 VLTOR Stag Arms Body : $70 Cracked 7in FF Rails : (Functional, $20) 14 inch Outer M4 : $10 Bravo Gearbox w/ VFC 8mm Bushings : $30 (PS: Must rest ARL on Wires!) G&P Wiring W/ Mosfet (18a rated resettable fuse) : $30 Triggers : $8 for two. v2. JG 8mm shell no bushings : $15 SHS 16:1 Shaft and Spur : $10 (Minimal Wear, SS 2) SHS 13:1 Shaft and Spur, SS 0, 1, 2 (Minimal Wear, $10) VFC Cylinder w/ JG Head ORING Nozzle (Sorbo'd?) : $10 Bravo and SHS Cylinder Head v2 NO PADDING : $15 Matrix Turbo w/ TX Pinion : Works, not sure how well : $20 Madbull 455mm~ 6.03 : $15 Madbull 229mm~ 6.03: $15 (PERFECT FOR DIABLO!) NOTE: Some items not pictured- pictures available upon request. Thanks, Dragrain
  7. I have a WE 1911 MEU style trigger and grip with 1911 sights. It comes with 6 magazines and a 1911 Right Handed Serpa Holster. $190. Pics can be provided upon request! (If interested, please PM me, I may not respond to posts.)
  8. It is possible that your tappet plate spring came loose, and when you put the stock spring back in, you put it in place again. However, you said that you didn't move anything besides the latch so I have no idea. :/
  9. Hm, didn't want to clog up this section, so I though I might as well ask my question here. If I decide to run the setup as stated, would I have to short stroke to prevent premature engagement? I'm not sure if it is necesarry at ~35 BPS, but if it is, could someone tell me where to short stroke the teeth? Thanks! Dragrain
  10. Thank you all for your information! I have multiple lipos, so I don't mind the battery running out quickly. I also had a sneaking feeling that Bravo was a rebrand... thanks for clearing that up! The reason I'm going for HT motors is that I'm running a CA Super High Speed Motor right now, and I don't like the build up time, as I play where only SHORT bursts are allowed. I will probably go with the Bravo/3One motors. Thank you all again! Dragrain
  11. Like the title says, I was just wondering if anybody knows the SPEED (ROF) comparison between the G&P M160 or M170 and the Bravo Xyclone High Torque. Another question, Running a SP100 spring on Bravo High Speed Gears (believe they are standard ratio, 18:1, could be wrong) with a 11.1v 25c 2500 mAh, what's a good estimated ROF? Assuming everything is correctly shimmed. P.S. I know I will probably need a new pinion for the Bravo motor. Thanks Guys! Dragrain
  12. Something else you can keep in mind is that you REALLY want to shim your gun, and correct your angle of engagement. Like Cardboard Box said, you can learn about what these things are by searching them up on this forum. Another tip I have is DO NOT force anything, and don't continue doing something that seems wrong. For example, if you just shimmed a gun, and when you shoot it, it sounds really scratchy, reshim it! Don't just be lazy and stay content with what's wrong, because it will most likely lead to more problems. Good Luck, -Dragrain
  13. I agree with what airborne said, you NEED proper AOE, shimming, and compression for a build like yours. Aside from that, I've found that VFC gearboxes are the strongest gearboxes around. Never had one break on me, my builds are usually just 350 FPS <AT> 40 BPS though. With proper shimming/AOE, your gun should last very long. Mine has been fine for a year now, but my motor is starting to die.
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