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  1. I made a youtube video :3 I liked yours. It was good, with the gentle music and simple format. It really made that LPEG look nice. (mines in my sig)
  2. I would like to hear if anyone has this gun, what it is like. It does not look full metal from youtube reviews, and they have never actually stated what parts are ABS and what parts are metal. I believe it has a metal slide and plastic grips, but what about the lower receiver? It seems like the nicest, cheapest full auto GBB and I really like the three shot burst. I just want to make sure it looks and feels as realistic as some of the other GBB pistols that are indeed full metal.
  3. Just curious, are any of the guns listed by you guys as alternatives ones that have a similar rate of fire? I liked the idea of having a cheap low-brand gun that could actually unleash close to 22rps, and there seems to be many versions at different prices of the models you've suggested...
  4. really? every other review I've seen of them has been mostly "its great, but the mags don't hold enough and they leak so you have to silicone the o rings periodically" Also the maruzen, jimmy, came with 1 short and 2 long. the seller used 'wellfire' in the title but "well" in the description.
  5. Change of plans. I now know someone who has a brand new in box Wellfire mp5k ($90), and someone who has a (very?) old Maruzen mp5k with extra mags ($125). How do these compare? I assumed that a Maruzen with extra mags for the price of the Wellfire + 1 mag would be a great deal, but after looking at reviews, the amount of time between the Maruzen and the Wellfire models makes it look like the Wellfire is actually the better gun, and that the Maruzen can't even use green gas. Which is better given one is used and the other is a clone?
  6. So there's no way to get a GBB mp5k anymore? I don't want a mac11. I couldn't find any info on a well mp5j, and its not at all what I'd want anyways, I specifically liked the tiny frame but a gas blowback and extremely high ROF... Actually, it looks like this asian website has it in stock: http://www.crw-airsoft.com/mp5k-automatic-...well-1385-p.asp Does anyone know anything about crw-airsoft? I know nothing about getting directly from foreign countries.
  7. It is not electric. I was under the impression Well Bell and Galaxy were the same company? I noticed it is listed at the Well G55 in some of the reviews. "Well Bell Galaxy G55 MP5k". I thought it was cheap not due to poor quality but it was not full metal and was a moderate 300fps tops.
  8. I'm looking to get into gas guns, because I like the idea of not having to bother worry about batteries and wiring and such, I feel a little more comfortable working with pneumatics than electronics. I browsed around the interbutts and I'm very interested in the galaxy mp5k, it had great reviews on youtube, and it is very cheap and small. No more than a small AEG. I can't seem to find it anywhere online though. Is it still made? Airsplat lists it, but out of stock. Redwolf didn't have it, google doesn't help. One site had one for like $30 more than all the out of stock sites but I wasn't sure if it was the same, it had a fixed but removable stock and a different looking receiver.
  9. Well then OP should seriously consider this, I just noticed it on airsplat: http://www.airsplat.com/Itemdesc.asp?ic=ER-DF-M4-SS001 That's an incredible price for the quality you're getting... I guess if you didn't like the externals (I've never touched a VFC, G&P or CA so I can't compare) it's possible to upgrade them since you've got great internals. Unless Deep Fire doesn't use their own stuff for the SS but I doubt that.
  10. Since there are a lot of people who know a lot about high end guns here, how do these brands compare to Deep Fire? the only replacement parts I've used were made by them, and they were very, very good quality, and I've heard from my friend that his (silver series? I think?) Deep Fire m4 performed like KWA but was a little cheaper.
  11. I hadn't actually though of putting it literally inside a pre-existing gun. I actually have two plastic black spring AKs, I wonder if I could cut out the insides, take the stock off the MK and put it in... I'd have a very powerful rifle inside the looks of a $5 toy plastic shell. I'll definitely look into older guns that won't have a pistol grip to make it more unique. It looks like I could have multiple options with this, being able to put things on/put it in things with relative ease... Great suggestions so far guys>! EDIT: Seriously considering putting it inside the Super 9 I use for films...
  12. Don't buy from shorty, almost every website has a better price on almost all their guns. Although in general expect to pay at least $50 for a good pistol. To be honest the crossman really isn't that bad, its just a cheaper gun and therefore is cheaper quality.
  13. A paintball hopper... loling at the thought of seeing that on a field. (Litereally chuckled!) I couldn't pick a style of gun I like the most. I want 'em all. If I was forced at gunpoint, I'd say AK style though. Actually, if I can't think of anything else, gluing rails all over it and putting over 9000 attachments would be both funny and removable if I wanted to get really serious with it.
  14. So I'm going to get my hands on a KJW Mark 1 carbine pretty soon for a deal. It's basically a gas sniper rifle, but is both small and unique and ugly. (Looks like this) Thing is, it actually is a very powerful and accurate gun and is pretty damn quiet. I've heard it has accuracy issues, but with propane, max hop, and .36g it can hit a pumpkin every time at a little over 200ft, so good enough for me. (Iron sights). Especially due to its size, only 34 inches with the full stock (easily removable) I'd like to carry it with me as sort of a DMR. As of now it would easily outrange any other gun I have. So here's the funny part. I like how it has a very unique look, but lets face it, its kind of dumb looking. I remember a picture I saw here a long time ago of someone who built a G36c out of cardboard and put their AK in it for a ghetto-G36, and I was thinking of something like that. I just want to do something funny with this gun. It would be funny to put it inside something, or I don't know, some silly mod to keep it unique while looking less dorky. Any ideas?
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