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    Galaxy mp5k RIS, WE High cappa, TM Sig 226, TM m4a1, JG 614, KWA Glock 18c, KSC Glock 18c, ICS Sig 552, JG Sig 552, Echo1 P90, Ares g36c, Echo1 g36c, JG g36c, echo1 mp5a5, Echo1 cqbr, JG m4 S-system, Dboys Scar, WE Tactical Master, KWA Glock 23f, S&W Sigma sw40f, WE meu 1911, UTG Shadow ops sniper, JLS Fn2000, Echo 1 MP5k pdw, Cybergun FAMAS, CA Aug, CA AK47 Tactical, TM AK 47 Tactical, Echo1 AUG A3, AGM M4 Sopmod (A1). Yeah its a big list.
  1. Looking for the QD Scar stlye silencer in Black. Also looking for either a two tone or a complete black WE high capa, with a railed lower.
  2. Looking for SIG 552 complete selector switches, this includes the black under switch and all the screws. Also if its possible the weird gear things that they attach into.
  3. pm sent about the sig 552. Please get back with me.
  4. Bump. Pictures are now up. Added some items and lowered the prices on everything. PMed those who have PMed me. Send me offers I will look at them, but cash is king.
  5. Got it. Debating. I would do 65.50 shipped for it. (I ship priority small flat rate boxes if you were wondering and always add insurance just in case). Both valves in the mags for the pistols have been replaced. Both are Working great now. Still the same price even though I spent out 10.00 for the valves. I just would like these sold (I like S&W sigmas better). If both are bought I have a nifty gun case for them.
  6. So, after playing my first cqb game over the weekend I am going back through my armory and figuring out what I need and what I don't. Shipping is not included. Pictures will be up soon For Sale: 2 WE Highcapa Tactical Masters. Used them down in K-zoo today and found out they are to heavy for me to play with, felt more confortable with the sigma I have so these should go. They are in decent condtion and have upgraded recoil springs and other parts. Comes with one working extended co2 mag and one regular sized green gas mag. Both have new valves. Both shoot at 320 fps on co2. Looking for 135.00 for both together and the mags are included. G&P Eotech 552 The larger model one, takes AAA batteries. Bought it for looks however it doesnt fit my play style so it would be better if it goes. Perfect condition and has the Trademarks from Eotech. Works great and is not a quick detach so it is sleaker. Looking for 55.00 Leepers 4x32 illuminated scope Works and has been kept in good shape Looking for 25.00 Taminya to Deans (large cord) Looking for 10.00 - Comes with a stand alone deans cord. AEG Wizard Mosfet Regulate the rate of fire on your gun (1 to 5 burst modes) Looking for 30.00 Few midcap magazines CA tan m4 highcap - 10.00 2 Mag mp5 midcaps - 7.00 1 unknown brand AK midcap mag - 10.00 Magpul brand blk pmag 75rd midcap - 10.00 MP7 Flip up front and rear sights Looking for 15.00 JLS FN2000 Works fine but I have moved on and my ICS SIG 552 is working great. Personally just think about buying this for the internal parts. The gun works great and all but is a JLS proprietary gearbox, so who knows how long it will stand up. Shoots around 300 fps and has a great rate of fire on Full auto (which is only has) Upgrades: Systema ball Bearing spring guide Systema 110 Spring Guarder M4 air nozzle JG Steel Gear Set Guarder Nylon fibre tappet plate JG piston and piston head JG m4 style cut Cylinder JG M4 two peice hopup with new systema bucking, 310mm length barrel (not a tightbore) CA anti-reversal latch CA Selector plate Comes with a m4 highcap mag. Hard to find positive to negitive thread adapter included, as well as the sig 552 flash hider. Price looking for is 125.00 Quad Rail Barrel mount with red laser. Comes with a laser that has the quick detach press button and a press button on the laser. Looking for 25.00 for the set. Butt load of marvel comics. Started collecting two years ago and have acumulated a pretty sizeable stack. If you are interested in DEadpool, Avengers, Dark avengers and other series's please contact me. I will do 1.50-2.00 a issue (which is 1/2 off cover price mostly and really cheap for variants)
  7. Looking for a sig 552. Any brand will work, just keep in mind I have constraints. I am going to be buying the accessories I don't get in the deal on evike so I don't want to spend alot if the gun comes with no extras. The more it comes with the better. I want to get it all Long high caps, the cheek riser, the scope mount, flash hider preferably de-glued (I have a flash hider specific for it) If you already have the front guard RIS installed then bonus points for you. Please no deans wiring. (I don't use lipos and I have no dean wired batteries) I would prefer a ISC because of the bolt lock, but a sig is a sig either way. I have paypal and have the funds covered. I prefer priority shipping, and seings how its holiday time I request it only be shipped that way. If you live in Michigan I can meet up with you, sans MIA proboards. (I.E. I meet up with people who live in MI, I don't like to have them shipped if I can drive to you in 1 hour) Oh and I realize I have no feedback on here (so you will be my first :) I have alot of feedback on MIA, EBAY, Rangerboard, K-zoo forums. (same username on all) If you feel a little un easy about the no feedback on here, just look me up there.
  8. Hello MBK here, I have just joined this site to try and move some of my equipment faster. I am frequently on MIA airsoft and I play in MI. Same username "Masterblasterking" on both Ebay and MIAairsoft, Rangerboard.com and Airsoft of Kalamazoo so if your wanting to look up my specs and feedback go ahead. 100% positive all the way, I will give all the info I can to please the buyer, just ask and I will tell. Okay now onto the sale. Winter is once more upon us here in Michigan and my major feild has closed down for the season. That leaves me with one feild which is a cqb feild. I feel more comfortable using bullpup styled weapons in cqb so I am selling the rifles I wont be using so I can get a load-out I can use more efficently. Shipping is not included in the price cause I havent shipped an airsoft gun before and don't know the prices off the top of my head. I accept Paypal and or cash if you live in MI. I require the buyer if they pay with paypal to pm me there address on here as well just for reference. Ares G36KV Got this rifle about 3 months ago at Youngs Armory in Grand Rapids MI. Shoots great and is very acurate. I resodered the wires to the gun and electrical taped them. This was a idea given from the owner T.J as to the taminya conetcors disconnecting and the wires coming apart. After I soddered them together and I havent had any problems. Played with it the last 5 games of the season, shoots perfect even still comes with everything pictured. Any questions feel free to ask. Only works with 9.6 and above, its an ares so a 8.4 wont turn the motor. Shoots 345-350 fps http://i371.photobucket.com/albums/oo151/m...ng/100_1309.jpg http://i371.photobucket.com/albums/oo151/m...KV/100_1357.jpg Price - 325 with extra accessories 250 without. (Accessories include: Large handguard, H&K Rails, Nylon Fibre g36 sights, Magwell adapter, KV backstock, MP7 flip up sights 200.00 in value) Echo 1 MP5K PDW RIS w/M4 backstock Great little gun, bought it for cqb, but if you read the intro I like bullpups better. Comes with the threaded outer barrel for silencers and the ABS ris. Has the m4 stock adapter as well. 3 highcaps and the battery are included. Shoots ~330 fps http://i371.photobucket.com/albums/oo151/m...KV/100_1478.jpg Price - 125.00 Plus shipping Echo1 enhanced combo M4 My m4 build. Started off as a JG enhanced S-system. Gutted the externals and built it up using other brand parts. shoots 400fps and is really acurate. Comes with the MOE handguard with the rails, the sopmod backstok, the peqbox Gemtec silencer, and 1 high cap. http://i371.photobucket.com/albums/oo151/m...ng/100_1564.jpg Price = 180.00 + Shipping Magpull PTS MOE Backstock. BLK The one with the secondary clip to hold the buffertube I place 95.00 on evike.com. Perfect condition. Price - 40.00+ Shipping You can email me at j-smith-2008<AT>hotmail.com anytime with questions or offers. I will do my best to respond to them asap. Thanks, Gerald
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