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  1. I know that but the gears come with these small springs and metal things that aren't shims or bushings.
  2. I have a VFC M4 E-Series and I can't figure out how the gears go. what is the proper way to put the Anrti-Reversal latch and the gears back in?
  3. The mid-cap magazines that works the best in my VFC m4 E-series are the plastic Echo1 mags and ca mags I tried many midcaps and the echo1 feed very good.
  4. As long as everybody plays right and is mature enough they should be allowed to play.
  5. 5th SFG loadout and I already got some reference pics from shadowspear.com. I heard they have military discount, if thats true im gonna buy after I get a gbbr or buy it after xmas.
  6. Im not afraid and im 15, but I just did it 3 days ago and I cant find out how the anti reversal latch goes and misplaced some of the stock shims.(I have a VFC E-series M4)
  7. I am five feet six inches tall and my waist size is thirty-two inches would this PC http://www.flyyeindustries.com/ArticleShow.asp?ProdID=0311 be better for me in small or medium if I wont this PC not to bounce around? I am not that familiar with Plate Carriers. Also would this be a good Plate Carrier for a SF loadout, If not what would?
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