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  1. Its *supposed* to take a funky version 2 with three round burst and a very non-standard trigger assembly. Im pretty sure you can make a regular v2 fit though gearbox wise. As far as lower receiver is concerned CA probably is a good bet, though possibly harder to find. Really any receiver that takes the real steel type pins (the ones that have the spring, not the ones that screw in on one side) should be compatible plus/minus some minor dremel work. Also it takes a proprietary mock bolt, so youll have to figure out something there if you didnt get that with it.
  2. They are excellent. Better quality externals than LCT, and unlike LCT, quite respectable performance out of the box.
  3. They would not, they are for the AK GBBR, which uses what essentially are real steel grips and do not fit a motor.
  4. Worst waste of a two minute read in a while. Also, there are most definitely aren't "shoddy" US made real steel and paintball guns in existence...
  5. As someone already mentioned - generally speaking you can go ahead and solder the connectors on any gun with a motor cage since you will still be able to get the gearbox apart even after you do. Otherwise it usually isn't worth the hassle unless you *really* want that extra power.
  6. Scope sold. Price lowered and description updated on ak.
  7. Bump. Can part-out the ak if anyone is interested: $35 shipped for the gearbox and $40 shipped for the externals.
  8. No returns/refunds. I will do my best to describe the items and feel free to PM me any further questions. Feel free to contact me with any questions/problems, or if you want to see more pictures of a particular item. Shipping is included. Shipping is via USPS from zip 94404. Paypal only. Open to trades. Picture album of whole sale - http://imgur.com/a/ISm6Z Verification image - http://I.imgur.com/gOBnp61.jpg ICS ak - $60 shipped - SOLD pending funds This is a loaner gun I havent used for a while. It was initially rebuilt from the ground up from an ICS pro-line ak (metal body) and used a lot. Feeds and shoots, but the rate of fire is slow as the motor needs a tune-up/replacement. The stock on it will fit almost any battery (up to 9.6v NiMH large type!). The body has been modified to fit regular style ak hop-up and handguard. More pictures available in album - http://imgur.com/a/ISm6Z Externals: SHS gas tube RIS (cut-down to length) LCT lower handguard Underbarrel mount RIS (detachable) G&G full stock Side scope mount Internals: Guarder o-ring air nozzle and metal cylinder head SHS piston head ZCI swiss-cheesed piston (full metal teeth) ZCI stock gears ICS turbo 3000 motor High-grade wiring to the stock - deans connector Last shot ~350fps w/ .20g, ~9 rps on a 7.4v lipo Comes as shown minus the scope (the side scope mount is included however). NcStar 4x30E scope - $20 shipped - SOLD http://I.imgur.com/tg0cUW0.jpg Illuminated reticle x4 scope. Decent scope, but I have no need of it. Included is a set of low-profile scope rings and high-profile scope rings.
  9. Yay, for my old 56-2. Did you have to do anything other than chop down the feed lips to get the airsoft internals to fit into the RS mag shell? Thinking of doing that for a few mags and was just wondering how much of a hassle it is.
  10. Any kind of imitation explosive devices are forbidden (if it looks like one, then its forbidden, function doesnt matter), as well as compressed gas canisters, so youll have to ship the grenade and probably just buy gas onsite (since postal service only ships gas via ground, and it can be slow). You are not supposed to check loose lithium cells into baggage, but you are allowed to put them into carry-on. The rest you should be able to take without need of dis-assembly as long as they are empty of gas (which may pose a problem for your polar-star-like thing). A lot of people argue that you don't need to declare airsoft guns, but I know plenty of people fly with airsoft guns by just declaring them as firearms. You will need a hard-case if you plan to do that, and there is a limit on the number of weapons each case can carry (varies per airline).
  11. Tried it once - it can, but the receiver cover doesnt lock since the latch is too far forward (since RS spec receivers are shorter than airsoft). Also probably a bunch of feeding problems, but that you could take care of if you wanted.
  12. Bump. Only selling this for a few more days.
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