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  1. I ask that you please read my rules first: - Paypal only - All sales are final. No refunds/returns. All items are described in detail, with more info gladly provided if you'd like. Make sure you know what you are getting- ask questions and for pictures. - I reserve the right to do business with whom I choose. - I do not hold items, items are sold to whoever pays first. - For this thread, trades generally are not accepted. However, I may consider high-end or less common guns and parts. Offer up, but only high-quality stuff. - Prices include shipping. - I am not responsible for the package once it leaves my hands. - Prices are negotiable- PM me with a reasonable offer and an explanation why you think my price should be lower, and I will be happy to work something out with you. This DOES NOT mean lowball, ridiculous offers will be ignored. I also reserve the right to stick to my original price. - Don't poop in my thread. - Don't post in here saying "PM me"- if you want something, YOU contact ME. - Once I can no longer edit this post, a list of sold items will be created in the most recent post. Please check there to see if an item is still available. - By purchasing anything from me, you acknowledge you have read and agree to all rules.' - shipping. 7-14 days. contact me if you want express. On to the items. Externals: These are all high quality, un damaged, some used, some like new. G&P Troy BUIS. 30. By ctennislee at 2012-01-18 King Arms Knights Flip Up Sight. 35 By ctennislee at 2012-01-18 King Arms LE Stock. 25 By ctennislee at 2012-01-18 King Arms Sound Amplifier. Spray Painted black. Cool metallic finish. 18 By ctennislee at 2012-01-18 DeepFire 7 MM Bushing Gearbox w/ bushings.. Trigger assembly is not working. SCREWS MAY OR MAY NOT BE INCLUDED. 35 By ctennislee at 2012-01-18 King Arms 8MM Bearing Gearbox w/ bearings. Unknown trigger assembly condition. 35 By ctennislee at 2012-01-18 VFC 8MM. bushing? bearing? gearbox. IDK. Trigger contacts may be burned. Trigger included. All I know is that the Spring and Guide are not included. Piston is an SHS 15 Tooth. Action Phead. Not sure if tappet is there. 55 By ctennislee at 2012-01-18 HK Hat. 15 5.11 9/11 Hat. 15 25 for both By ctennislee at 2012-01-18 Maxpedition Tri Admin Pouch. Tan. 30 By ctennislee at 2012-01-18 Blackhawk Warrior Wear Tanto Light Hikers. Worn once. SIZE 11.5. 110 By ctennislee at 2012-01-18 HSGI Universal Magazine Pouch Multicam. Never fielded. 50 HSGI Universal Magazine Pouch Multicam. Never fielded. 50 By ctennislee at 2012-01-18 Eagle Industries Admin Pouch. Coyote Brown. 38 By ctennislee at 2012-01-18
  2. Well I wanted them to correct AoE, but they didn't know what it was. So they offered to short stroke it. I will call them up today and tell them not to cut a tooth off of the sector gear. This is an SP120 set up, xcylcone torque motor, 11.1 20C. King Arms Hard POM piston. I doubt this will be a super high stress set up.
  3. So today I went to my local airsoft shop and gave them my gun for repair/upgrade. I put in a SP120 and a KA Hard Red POM Piston and I asked if they could correct the AoE. Being a Hong Kong shop, I was quite surprised when I found out that they didn't know what AoE was! I explained to them what it did and what the benefits of it were. However, they did know what short stroking was. So I went with that. They are taking 1 tooth off of the gear. (Off the contact side). I've been reading around and it seems like when you short stroke, you have to take off a tooth from the piston AND the gear. Is it ok if its just the gear? I know that I will lose about 15 fps. So my question is, are they doing it correctly? And what are the Pros and Cons of short stroking reliability wise? TIA
  4. Haha yeah. Is yours the real deal? Or a Madbull one? I picked up the Dytac one but have the real Troy Industries Rail Segments. I love it to death... The feeling.. Its just phenomenal.
  5. Slightly early bump. If someone could please PM me telling me when the best time to bump is that would be splendid. (best time to bump as in the time where most members are online)
  6. Bgnr, I know what you mean. I just wanted tapatalk primarily so I could get notifications on my phone--- unless there is another way ? Tellll meeehhhhhhh
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