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  1. Wish I could just buy that doing set. G&G m14s use a different tappet plate. I contacted g&g and they were sending me a selector switch spring and tappet plate spring but, it got here with only one spring in the bag although the inventory list says two. To me it looks like they sent the selector spring and not the tappet plate one. I will have to break it down again and check If it's the tappet plate spring I will get a stiff selector spring from the hardware store because I doubt the spring strength matters too much there.
  2. Bought a broken G&G M14 from someone for cheap. As soon as I opened the gear box I found out that the bevel gear was snapped in half and under load the bottom half was spinning (Don't like the G&G bevel gears). I ordered a SHS 32:1 Gear set and when the gears arrived got here I realized that I need a half tooth piston to run them. Now my question is, can I just use the bevel gear from the 32:1 set with the stock G&G sector and spur gear? If I'm not mistaken all bevels are the same and the change in ratio comes from the sector gear? I am ordering a half tooth piston but, I wanted to open it up again and fix it before I play this weekend. Not new to working on airsoft gearboxes but, I have never tried to use a pieced together gear set.
  3. Free bump. Sent the payment for 3 M14 high caps.
  4. That's what I was thinking. Was just hoping someone would know the size off hand. I will just take half the shell and plate with me I guess. Figured out my main issue though. Spur gear was snapped and under the load the bottom half was spinning and not the top.
  5. Anyone know where I can get a spring for the G&G M14 tappet plate? If I order the tappet plate will a spring come with it. Or if anyone could post the spring size and I will search around for one. Story of why I need one is below. Earlier today I picked up a G&G M14 with a battery for 70 bucks. Guy said it wasn't firing (I buy broken guns all the time) Opened it up and saw that the selector switch spring was missing. opened a pen and used the spring from that. Tried firing it again and the motor spins but, misses the gears. Opened the gearbox to find the anti-reversal latch in wrong, poor shimming, and the tappet plate spring missing.
  6. Willing to part with any M14 mags?
  7. I have used both the g&p m120 and shs high speed. Currently the m120 is in my m4 with 16:1 gears short stroked 2 teeth and a sp120. Its shooting 386-390 at 33ish rps. The shs is in my mp5 with gp steel gears and a m110. Its shooting about 30 rps at 340 fps. The shs motor won't even cycle in my m4 and it gets really hot in the mp5. Both guns are ran on a 11.1v 25c 2300 mah battery and have a mofset in both. Both motors have great trigger response and have been going strong after about 4 months of playing once each weekend. I would go with the shs for anything under 350 fps. Its a tad faster and about half the price.
  8. Bought from this guy before, super fast shipping considering that its from Hong Kong. The CTR was well made and a pretty snug fit. Has anyone bought one of these yet? Want to buy one but, I would like to know how the fitment is with the Gearbox and everything.
  9. Checked out your stuff. If you still had the other internals I would of jumped on it. Still looking for everything on the list.
  10. Just checking to see if anyone has any of this stuff available used before I go ahead and buy it new. If I don't hear from anyone by Sunday evening, I am going to go ahead and order it all of evike. I am looking for: -SCS/PCS nub -Sytema or firefly bucking -363 mm TBB (6.01 or .03) any brand -Guarder SP120 spring -A polycarb piston any brand considered -Deans connectors -May also be interested in a high speed gear set -M4 mags Shoot me a PM or post here if you have anything.
  11. PM'd about buying a stock and looking for a price on the grip.
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