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  1. nice tan on the g36 and the barrett
  2. Mod request: Could you please correct the title..."NK-18" to "MK-18" Thanks
  3. Thanks I'm thinking of adding an m4 qd kac silencer, so.....
  4. The vfc one? if yes please hurry up
  5. Hi there, here's a video of my new VFC MK-18 mod1 aeg... Please watch in 1080p
  6. Nice job with the battery mod... isn't there a vltor stock "battery ready" in the market?
  7. Here's a new video of my Magpul masada pts (FG) Please watch in HD 1080p
  8. Hi I've got the same gun and I would like to purchase an extendable stock in dark earth color... Could anyone recommend one? Thanks
  9. Hey z4x0r where is the battery located now? Nice build by the way
  10. Hi all, here's a video of my Ares SR-25 M110 SASS... enjoy...
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