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  1. I'm going to be picking a new pattern to stick with for a while and I can't decide which would be better. I play outdoor the most at a field in CT and will be participating in at least one OP Blacksheep event. In the winters I play indoor and the occasional outdoor. I'm currently running black vest and wear Woodland or DCU BDUs depending on team for an event and mainly black for indoor. I play on your average field with trees, rocks, swamps, rivers and hills with the occasional building or village. I figure Mutlicam is the obvious choice of the two. The other is Digital Urban because its different from everything else out there and I could use it during indoor. Doesn't seem like much gear comes in Digital Urban but has anyone used it before? Whats the best environment it works in?
  2. I don't wear a hat or helmet to mount a camera. I think POV looks much better than from the rail. No one has alternatives or ideas about lens options
  3. I've looked into the Pivothead Moab (http://pivothead.com/products/eyewear/moab/purple-haze) and I love them but the glasses are rated at ANSI Z80.3 (can't find too much info on this rating) and the minimum for airsoft is Z87.1 (or so I've read). Does anyone know where I can get lenses for these that will fit? Or if I can modify any pair of lenses rated high enough to make them fit? I don't wear a hat or helmet when I play airsoft so a helmet cam won't work and I love watching first person airsoft videos. Does anyone have any other alternatives when it comes to safety and recording?
  4. P90 uses a Version 6 gearbox. Version 6 spring guide would need to be used.
  5. Only places close to Mass. I know of are Clandestine Airsoft (no walk in store but fast cheap shipping) in CT http://www.clandestineairsoft.com/ and ShortyUSA in NJ (have walk in store) http://www.ShortyUSA.com Other than those just you average field shops.
  6. Is there a reason you want to do an M14 with an HPA setup? A gas M14 would have the power you are looking for and you can make them pretty quiet. As for the setup you need for an HPA, you need a tank, regulator with hose, and of course the Fusion Engine. Check out RedlineAirsoft. Very good service and great prices.
  7. Like I said, never shot a real gun but mine is a recoil spring, a real guns is a explosion that breaks the sound barrier (depending on the round). Highly doubt my gun mimics an explosion.
  8. When I order my Prommy barrel, R hop, and Lonex Hopup I had to file a little bit of the back of the hopup to make my gun fit together. The back of the Lonex was to long (Literally mms) and eventually I got it to fit nice and tight on the inside of the air nozzle hole of the gearbox. I didn't change the FE position just undid my front pin pulled upper away from bottom and slid new barrel assembly in there. Since I've never had to do this, has anyone else had to do this and is this going to damage anything (Mechanically or functionality-wise)? I've never had a hopup sit a little inside the gearbox shell about 3-6 mm away from the back of the air nozzle. I played a match with it and it performed fine and I don't see damage. Inner barrel is really stable but I'm worried air nozzle might hit the hopup. On a side note is there a P* section in the forum I'm missing or is everyone just going to P*talk?
  9. Gotta say, I love my TM Hard Kick Desert Eagle. People hear it at my field and they know its going to hurt. I've been told by a few people it has the kick of a .38 but I've never shot a real gun so wouldn't know. I just wish people would stop asking the stupid question, "Is that the Full Auto Desert Eagle?" "No... it functions like the real steel. Like every replica should."
  10. When setting up the R-hop do you need to file down the barrel lock and the nub on the bucking or just the nub?
  11. I looked into that but I think I'll get the IR because I live in CT and it has a tendency to get cold. I didn't want to get the Z-Kit because I've never installed an R-hop (I keep reading into it tho) and you mentioned getting a new barrel. If you're familiar with the R-Hop, the only question I can find an answer to is do you still use the nub and hopup arm to increase and decrease hop? R-Hop basically looks like you're just separating the hop ups rubber from the rubbers nub, glue it into your barrel window (after testing), make it flush with the outside of the barrel and make sure a bb can roll down with little force behind it and use the hopup arm to adjust like any other hopup. Is that correct?
  12. http://clandestineairsoft.com/index.php?ma...products_id=261 http://clandestineairsoft.com/index.php?ma...products_id=260 http://clandestineairsoft.com/index.php?ma...products_id=282 Seems like quite a bit of money for all of these. Have you actually used these in a PolarStar before?
  13. I made an M4 from parts I purchased like 3 years ago and upgraded it to a PolarStar build recently. I'm having a ton of issues with the accuracy being consistent with a 6.01 JBU barrel, KWA G2X bucking/REAPS Bucking, and MadBull Ultimate Hopup. This hopup setup worked great when the M4 was an AEG but recently I've had to readjust the hopup after every like 20-30 shots. Done some tests and its not my PSI spiking or decreasing because it stays consistent. I have my PolarStar set to Open-Bolt setting for instant trigger response and I personally think it stabilizes the bb better before firing but haven't tried turning this setting off and checking accuracy. I'm looking into getting one of HS5's R-hops and Prommy barrel combos online but the gun doesn't have a "stock" hopup chamber as everyone says to use. Should I look into a VFC hopup or Neo Strike (Haven't found a site that looks safe and has it in stock)? Any other hopup suggestions/alternatives I should look into?
  14. That's not a bad idea... I could combine the two outside pockets and keep the bladder in the back. But what about something small, like molle attached to spandex? That pack will take up a good portion of my back. I'm trying to keep my scabbard and air rig on my back without looking like a camel.
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