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  1. I am a turtle. Oh, you wanted gender. I am a boy.
  2. #4 is mature, but traps and auto-turrets seem way cooler. I may look into this MOSFET gizmo if I can't rummage any good parts.
  3. Hey airsoft is airsoft, play how you want. It sounds like you're in a small airsoft community. Most of us on here have larger airsoft communities and/or fields so we invest in higher grade guns to compete. Your Famas is a beginner stepping stone. If you ever want to get into more competitive airsoft, try out the guns we've listed.
  4. Legitimately took the words out of my brain and pulled them out of my mouth. However if this is out of your price range then try out the $60 DBoys M4. Full plastic, but does the job and can be upgraded if needed.
  5. So my upper receiver and lower receiver were seperated momentarily of my Classic Army M15A4, hanging on the front pin. Stupidly, I thought it would be a great idea to pull the charging handle and pull back the dust cover, both of which fell out the upper receiver. However I don't think is a rare occurrence as I did this to my Matrix M4. How would I go about putting them back in?
  6. J3AMYxx

    Just Joining

    Welcome to Airsoftforum! For the price range and skill level that seems to be implied, JG and Echo 1 are unbeatable for what it's worth. Don't forget good eye protection and a smart charger not to ruin the battery, as well as .2 grams!
  7. Now before you say anything, please don't post things like "OMG LOLZOR CROSMAN SUX0RS BURNIT AND BREAK IT AND STOOF", because I'm trying to find a productive/creative thing to do with Crosman and LPEGs. Alot of my friends and cousins are moving up from Crosman and LPEGs and moving onto to higher-end and better grade rifles. So, being my budget self, decided to not let their parent's and their own hard earned cash go to waste so I've been thinking of new ways to use the guns. So far I've found only sO many different things to do with them. 1. Tie them to trees and use them to mimic targets. Interesting, but a major hassle to find, untape, and store them. 2. Dual wield two of them and act like a badass. Stupid and only fun occasionally. 3. Use them for movie props. Effective, but lacks the attention and detail of my CA M15A4 or any of the other AEGs we have. 4. Save them and buy parts to try and make a more effective gun, or use it for practice on opening gearboxes, probably my best idea yet. So that's it. Any other ideas?
  8. I would rather see a real woman playing airsoft than a half-naked girl just standing around.
  9. Whenever I see somebody with a tricked out, one thousand dollar gun, the base of it is usually if not always a Tokyo Marui. I know you can upgrade most high-end AEGs but TM is usually the platform. What's special about a TM M4 or AK that makes it more upgradeable than a KWA or CYMA? Just another Turtle Sex observation..
  10. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to adjust anything on the inside out of the box just yet, until I can wrap my head around the internal mechanisms and all that good stuff. As for the CQB rifle it looks pretty good but I don't play on a CQB-friendly field or in any close quarter environments. Perhaps this by A&K? http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=3168
  11. I've used the JG G36C, and it is pretty good, but I think I'll go for something a little more higher grade, perhaps a KWA. Do you know of any particular model?
  12. Well now that my current M4 has been sold for parts, I'm back at the drawing board for a new gun. I've been looking at a few in particular but I'm open for suggestions. I'm at a $250 gun budget including the battery & charger as well. I've been looking at the G&G Combat Machine M4A1: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=7661 Or the Full Metal/Fake Wood AKM: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=6579 Unfortunately, that's all I found of so far. I'm really open for suggestions, and I can probably stretch my budget up until 300 but at that it stops. Any ideas?
  13. You are lucky. Although it's not everybody, just those odd few that we, well I, can't rid of because they're just loveable to everyone else..
  14. It's been a long airsoft hiatus for me but I'm back after selling my mismatched bargain, boneyard gun and gear and used my money from work to get higher quality equipment. Just a little status update. Now onto my concern/thought. I enjoy skirmishing with my friends, especially those who enjoy correctly using their brain. For example, if we are playing a simple game of Attack and Defend with delayed 'spawning', the game is much more enjoyable when my team mates aren't running out into the middle of field screaming "FINAL STAND!" and getting lit up. Unfortunately they do. The game is also ruined by any players who pout and complain that they aren't rewarded for getting a few people out. And interestingly enough it's the same people who play FPS games over-competitively or who excel in those games. Then I have friends who play those games but not as vehemently, and coincidentally, they end up being the good team mates who take the match seriously enough that it is enjoyable. It may seem silly or extremely obvious, but it's something I just noticed.
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