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  1. Gibz117 Got the pistols! And Yes, I did misquote the first pistol as being 'One 1911 springer (with broken mag catch)', when indeed, it is a CO2 pistol. Thanks domino35 for the correction. The reason I am passing the 1911 on is that I didn't have a pistol when I asked for this one. But I had purchased one in the interim, and so I really don't need this one too. I just wanted to see it get used. Thanks!
  2. Ok. I just received the spring pistol from domino35. Thank you! I am now offering up One 1911 springer (with broken mag catch), Two UKARMS 1911 springers (One slide is slightly damaged and one BNIB) and one UKARMS 3/4 scale M998 springer (BNIB). Oh, and I will also through in a TM MEU 1911 plastic bare frame and slide. I pay shipping, just put your hand up and say "I want 'em". I just wanted to say also, whoever claims this: Please keep this going. This is a great concept and idea. Thanks!
  3. The Nightvision has been spoken for. Thanks for the interest!
  4. I did purchase a GBB pistol. Thanks for the replies guys!
  5. Thanks for the reply! Cool. I just need to fix the leaky mags now...
  6. I havn't been contacted about the pistol as of yet. I am thinking that it has been spoken for.
  7. Hey! I just saw one on Craigslist in the Portland Oregon area. Here's the link: http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/tag/2129162847.html Good Luck! Richard
  8. Hey all! I just wanted some info. I just picked up a KJW P14.45 GBB Pistol from someone on Craigslist. It is in good shape. It has two leaky mags and it came in the original box. What is this pistol worth? Thanks in Advance! Richard
  9. REAL PASGT Kevlar Helmet Military Issue Stamped M 5 inside helmet Size equated out to about 6 7/8". Includes Brand New Sweatband/Liner, Chinstrap, Woodland Cover and Cat Eye Band. $45 Shipped or Best Offer or Trade/Part Trade on GBB Pistol.
  10. ALL the Gifts have been Claimed. Congrads! Merry Christmas!!
  11. Blackhawk! Special Operations Holster LEFT Handed - Drop Leg Holster Model # 40XP00DE-LEFT Holst Coyote Tan -Left Brand New in Package $45 Shipped or Best Offer or Trade/Part Trade on GBB Pistol.
  12. if aabateries2 doesn't want the pistol, I would like it. Thanks! Richard
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