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    Echo 1 M16A4, with upgrades Aftermath Lycaon Evolution MP5A4, with upgrades KWC Taurus 24/7 C02 Nonblowback KWC M1911 Tactical C02 Nonblowback CYMA CM030 Glock 18C AEP I use the ALICE system
  1. Wow! Very cool, I could see that being a very useful secondary to getting out of a situation if things got hairy as a sniper. Really like that M14 too.
  2. Just a note to future posters: I have done extremely well on our field with a $100 MP5 that had a $25 red dot on a mount because most of the engagements are pretty close due to brush. Even though it's an outdoor field, there is not a lot of open areas. It's mostly trails and then lots of trees and brush. Side not, this is for a friend, not myself. I'm just trying to gather outside information so that I don't have too much of a bias when I recommend things to him. <AT>Loveyuri - I agree that the BDUs aren't about fitting in. That much is true. But since we've been playing on this field for 3+ years, most of us do go crazy recon. We usually use camo paint and don't leave any skin exposed. I'm just trying to prepare my buddy for the level of play he's going to be stepping in to. Not that it's super intense with tons of bb's flying around, but it's quite quiet and stealthy until another team is spotted, a point of attack or vantage is obtained, and then the fun begins. Thank both of y'all for commenting. We all have different biases and opinions and that's exactly what I'm trying to collect: things that I might not have thought about before.
  3. "I make a habit of not playing with anyone in jeans and shoes. Have some sort of camo and boots or don't show up imo." I really like that. I'm trying to get my friend to see that as well, that he needs to be prepared and geared up all around, not just a gun. Because you're right, if he shows up in tennis shoes and jeans nobody will think he's worth anything.
  4. Haha yeah I should have realized that not everyone would like those options. I added an "Other-Please Specify" option for that. Tell what you'd set him up with if you'd like.
  5. One of my buds is wanting to set up a M16 or M4 (509mm barrel preferable) surrounded loadout for sub $600. I want to be impartial in what I tell him so I decided to throw this one out to the public. We play on an outdoor field that has thick brush and cover, limiting most engagements to sub 75 feet. Most of the guns that guys play with at our field are decent and upgraded MPEGs (Echo 1's, G&G's, KWA's). It's obvious that not only does he need a good gun, but he needs good gear as well, so although he is really fixed on the VFC M16, I'm explaining to him that he could go with a more affordable gun, throw a tightbore in there (which would be good enough for our field) and have a bit more money to spend on gear. I think he would like nice rails on his gun, so he has the ability to add on later. I know the G4's aren't rock solid, and that ASGI cuts some corners, but I've never seen one fail. They seem like they might fit the bill. Keep in mind that his budget is under $600. Thoughts? Links to the guns: 1. G4-A5 - http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=6938 or http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=6939 2. G4-A1 11" SPEC V - http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=9455 3. G4-A3 Stryke - http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=9750 4. G4-A3 TRX - http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=9456 5. G&G GR15 Raider XL - http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=6721 6. SOCOM Gear MK1 PWS MK112 - http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=8277 7. VFC M16 - http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=6146 8. G4-A1 Hard w/ Noveske 10" Rail - http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=6440 9. GI G4 Eagle 13" - www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=8733 10. G4-A5 DMR with 6.03mm Precision Barrel - http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=5319 Thank y'all.
  6. For many airsofters, including myself, we have old springers and LPEGs sitting around (the ones we haven't taken apart for parts). My friend was having this dilemma and needed $5 for a tomahawk so I gave him $5 for one of the Firepower M4 S-System looking guns. Since I have moved on to bigger and better things I now have bigger and better batteries and decided to have some fun with the 'ol LPEG. So I hooked my Intellect 9.6V 1600maH battery (not crazy huge but good ROF) into the LPEG, "swiss cheesed" the piston, and went out into the backyard with some God-forbidden .12 gram bb's. This thing was absolutely a ball of fun, except for when I had to shake the gun when the gravity pour hopper was feeding. It probably had a cyclic rate of around 16 to 17 bb's. Not incredibly impressive but still hilarious to see coming out of this little LPEG. A month or so later, it had its demise. Pop, pop, pop, pp whizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. That's right, melted and chipped one of the plastic gear inside the gun. My $5 investment was over. However, it was a ton of fun while it lasted, and now the old motor serves as a homemade fan for me. I would love to hear if anyone has stories similar to this (lipo maybe!)
  7. I play in dense woods. On my immediate gear (web belt) I have: - 190 rd Vietnam High Cap - 3 x 300 rd High Caps with Magpul's - 75 rd Midcap with Ranger Plate - 75 rd Green Label PMag (in gun) In my Camelbak backpack, I carry a small bag of so-so bb's for trigger happy idiots who run out.
  8. Our team creeped around all the way to the back of the field, just for one of my rifleman to tell me he forgot to put his battery in his gun. We ran back up and grabbed it, which led the defensive force to think we were taking forever.
  9. I like it a lot! Especially the ghost patch, that's pretty sweet and the Masada/ACR spec-ops: PEQ box, EOTech, suppressor. That was done right, looks legit. Only qualm I have is the fast mag pouches on the left side of you facing down. I know they can work like this but I personally don't like it. Too each his own I suppose though, I'm not super high speed.
  10. Looks good! I'm digging the Mulitcam, ACR and the PEQ box. You've got a really modern looking loadout that looks pretty awesome. I really can't see much of your loadout from those pictures, although they are cool action shots. Usually, I hate the lower facemask things but yours blends in and looks good. It all looks very functional but not burdensome. Very nice.
  11. Haha yeah true that. I love shooting iron sights with real steel but airsoft... not as accurate, I'll take the red dot where I can see where my shots are going a bit more...
  12. Yep! I saw a picture of a Marine with a tan PC on MARPAT and thought, heck, that'd probably look ok on woodland BDUs!
  13. Yeah I'm definitely going to be tucking in my shirt. Thanks for the recommendation. And yeah we always cammy up before games. Didn't want to do it just for pictures because the stick camo takes forever to get off. In other words, it works haha
  14. Yeah, I know the blaack camelbak isn't a hot look. Nor does it carry a ton of water... I'm just using what I've got now. I'll probably go for a full 1L one later. Thanks for the input on the gloves... I just realized that. I have some OD green ones, I might try those. And I didn't even consider tucking in my coat an option. I'll definitely try that, it's annoying as crap around my holster and dump pouch. Plus, it would give a cleaner look. Yeah I may put my keys in a chest BDU pocket. When I had ACUs I had a plethora of nice Velcro pouches to put them in. Now: not the case.
  15. Didn't want to post this in the loadout thread, it looks like it hasn't gotten touched in awhile, so I though it'd throw it here! Primary -AEG, Echo 1 M16, 330 fps - MRE rail system - suppressor - AMP red dot sight - ICS BUIS -2 Dboys Highcaps with Magpuls (300rds), 1 JG highcap with Magpul(300rds), one unknown midcap with Ranger Plate(75rds) -Intellect 9.6V 1600maH -AMP One Point Tactical Sling I have a 2nd primary (I use 1 gun for Woodland, and a 2nd for CQB or as a backup I leave in my car if my primary breaks.) -AEG, Aftermath MP5 Lycaon, 350fps - Echo 1 Low Profile Scope Mount -1 factory highcap, 220rds -DB Power 8.4V 1400maH Sidearm -AEP, CYMA Glock 18C -1 Factory Midcap (30rds) -Factory 7.2V 400maH -Uncle Mike's Reflex Holster BDU / Clothing / Safety -Military Issue Woodland BDUs (Buttons and all) -Military Issue Spray Painted Boonie Hat -Belleville 700V Boots -Shooting Glasses with yellow lense -Nike Dri-fit socks -Camo paint Tactical Gear Condor Compact Plate Carrier -Double M16 Magazine Pouch: 2 300rd Highcaps in one, 1 75rd Midcap in the other -Double Pistol Magazine Pouch: 1 Speedloader in one, 1 Flashlight or nothing in the other Belt (Fossil Leather Belt) -Left side: Maxpedition Dump Pouch -Right side: Uncle Mike's Reflex Holster for Glock In cargo pants -Right pocket: MTEC Folding Knife - Left pocket: keys
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