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  1. Bump, someone offer me a m14, I accept upgraded clones
  2. Hey everyone, ive recently started considering leaving airsoft but before I do, I wanted to try a new role. ive never been a dm or support gunner and would like to try. as such, im putting my CA LWRC up for trade. trade value is around $600 but can add more/add cash to raise it. if interested, pm for more info
  3. I want to try a Classic Rifle, but got no cash so im offering trades I would prefer one with palmers rig and convertible to aeg mags but all offers will be considered I have a CA LWRC M6A2 and TM MP7 to offer for one Pm me for more info on both
  4. Hey so im looking to pick up some stuff. -Propane Adapter -Black Military Boots -Molle OD vest -WA compatible GBB M4 Mags -2 Piece RIS -Mil-Spec Crane Stock -WA compatible M4 internals If you have any of this stuff for a good price, Send me a PM
  5. In my opinion, you have no reason to help him out. You gave him a chance and he decided he knew better than to listen to what you said about the shipping If he gives you problems, let one of the mods know If he leaves bad feedback, they can remove it
  6. Bump, come on, I have cash waiting for you
  7. Bump! Also got some high torque parts if anybody wants to trade for those!
  8. If no one offers anything, thats what I intend to do
  9. Im lookin for a Neo Magnet highspeed motor (Element,SHS,5Ku,Etc) as well as some 13:1 gears preferably SHS Pm me with offers please
  10. Im lookin for a Neo Magnet highspeed motor (Element,SHS,5Ku,Etc) as well as some 13:1 gears preferably SHS Pm me with offers please
  11. http://www.ebairsoft.com/high-tech-high-sp...tor-p-4690.html Ebairsoft used to rebrand the purple and red shs motors, but this one has a black endbell and at only $25, its cheaper than any other acm motor. Anybody tired one of these yet? If its on par with a SHS, seems like a really good deal
  12. Bump! come on people offer, if you have a AUG ill take that too
  13. I have a Spare m4 laying around and I could really use a new side arm so its up for trade Its a Echo 1 Stag Arms M4 with Bravo M16 Length Rail and Full stock (makes it a SR-16 I guess) Internally it Has G&G Gears and Piston, JG blue, and Gold Motor Connectors trade value is around $250 pics up in a bit I would really like to trade it for a aep like a G18 or MP7 but gas guns work too but a propane adapter or green gas will need to be included as I have neither
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