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  1. Ok, gotchya. I am just going to wait until they release the 430mm AEG inner barrel before I pick it up so I can also get the lighter outter barrel. Suppose to be coming out the 10th..so I can wait. Calcuated it, its going to be about 310 bucks.
  2. I never knew about the bore up cylinder rings, thats a good idea instead of spending another 100 or so for a new reciever. I planned on buying almost ALL the same parts you did. Besides x-fire which I know you know about, I would just stick with them. I hope you plan on spending upwards of 500 for all of it though haha.
  3. I will probably try it out, now from reading it seems you will NEED atleast a new AEG Barrel, and the hop-up chamber. When they say AEG, do they mean tokyo marui AEG's? I also don't see a 554mm inner barrel for the chamber listed when you choose it for the upgraded chamber. Will this get rid of the hop-up part that conceals it? the big metal part tha sticks out from the bottom.
  4. O yea I know. I have had alot of ebay deals, none have been bad though. But yea, I am deffinetly going to file a dispute if I am not givin a refund for false advertising/ selling fake items. I have delt with that before, if you buy through paypal, it is 100% on buyers side unless something dumb happens.
  5. yea, even if it came broken, I would end up replacing most of the stuff anyways to have a "right out of the box" feeling kinda. I would be upgrading everything anyways..besides the stock unless I could come up with 350-400 for a aftermarket one..
  6. I have a question about shipping when ending transactions: 1. If the seller does not package the items correctly/safely shouldn't they be at fault for damaged goods? 2. Is the whole point in purchasing insurance to cover that? It seems unfair to say "you will need insurance, I will not be at fault for broken, damaged goods when the package leaves my hands" That phrase should only go so far. An example is when someone buys something from another member, and recieved the item wrapped in like paper, or material easily able to get thrown around in the box/bag. It should be the sellers responsibility to make sure the package is delivered to the buyer in the condition as is told by the seller. 3. If the buyer is able to post proof of damaged goods when he/she recieved her items, should the seller be responsible for refunds and/or returns? I didn't see any of these kinds of rules in the b/s/t forum. Was just wondering if these exist or if I am just not looking enough. Thanks.
  7. Yea, me too. If you look at some of the critizism some tubers say, he replies mostly negatively. Which isn't the greatest attitude, but whatever haha.
  8. yea I know how ebay works, sometimes its good, sometimes its not haha. But replacement parts even if it was broken couldn't be to much.
  9. Hello everyone, I am looking into a vsr-10, didn't matter on the kind but just a none-clone. Does anyone have any objections to buying a airsoft gun from ebay? The price isn't high (165, shipping is free) and brand new, they sell for atleast 250 (ehobbyasia.com). Here is a quick picture to show everyone, comes WITH a scope as well. *Sorry for the small pic, tinypic wouldn't let me make it bigger, and you can't see much, it's the only picture the seller has of the gun*
  10. Alright, so to not have everyone reading a book on what I am looking into, I am a newbie when it comes to airsoft mods. I found a site called x-fire.org and it specialized in vsr-10 mods. So after I get a few paychecks and the vsr, here is what I have looked into, and was wondering what your alls input was towards these mods. I have been into the sniping part of airsoft forever, but never got a gun. I have just been interested in sniper rifles for along time, and have finally decided to take a swing at the TM models, and not the replicas. This is for the PRO vsr HD Precision Palsonite Cylinder Set Delrin Vsr-10 barrel spacers *3/4 down the page* SPR/SS springs giving me about 570-600 FPS w/.2s 430mm .01 inner barrel Vsr-10/Pro Sniper *again 3/4 down the page, first option for vsr* Without the V trigger setup, the cost is under 400, wasn't sure if I should go with the one below, or the laylax zero trigger? Its an 86 dollar difference and laylax come with pistons. And the V trigger comes with "piston-end" But would I not even need the zero trigger, if I am already buying the cylinder set that includes a piston? V Trigger 2, do all trigger setups fit all vsr models? Thanks for taking the time to look through everything
  11. Yea, they can get a little boring, it's nice he keeps them in a 4-10 minute range, and not like a half hour. But I see what you mean. He's the only consistent uploader of airsoft I have seen, so it doesn't kill me to watch them. Plus they have like the real airsoft guns, not the 20 dollar ones from walmart.
  12. yea, he has had some pretty known people, heck dudes from Africa, Australia, and Poland, all show up..just to play airsoft.
  13. I started watching his videos back in like '08, but never got around to getting into airsoft haha. The first video I ever saw was that young kid with the vsr-10 I beleive with the silencer attachment. He shot like 6 people, I was so fasinated by it haha.
  14. Anyone else find his videos entertaining? He has a large amount of great footage, and I love how he gives everyone details about each players gun that he videotapes. He is based out of Scotland I apologize if his account has been submitted multiple times. His channel can be found Here
  15. Well my christmas list which equals me paying for it all because my folks are so uptight about "real looking guns with orange tips", I have made a list that I will be buying when I get paid next week, and working with my friends dad. After buying my 4gb xbox 360. echo 1 m28 sniper leapers, or nc star scope Magpul FPG maybe a kwa m93r and at the very least gram, .30s.
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