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  1. So here's mine. A few months ago I was in an airsoft battle in the woods. I'm a designated marksman but I was sent out on my own. I'm well hidden and camoed at my current spot when I notice a fire fight going on about 100 feet away. 2 new players on my team with spring shotguns (not totaly crappy guns but not good either) are behind a log firing and being fired upon by another single enemy who is armed with an AK-74 MPEG. The opponent is behind a tree 50 feet away from the two. I don't want to give away my position so I simply watch for five minutes. One of the two new players is mostly staying cover, taking very few shots and looking a bit scared. The other is more bravely engaging the enemy, though his shots are not too accurate. A spray of airsoft from the MPEG gets the scared player out. At that moment, to my amazement, the other player jumps up and charges the guy behind the tree. I do a face palm in my mind empethetically thinking about the pain the new guy is about to go through from a blast form the AK. I don't think the guy with the AK74 realized that he was being charged at first. By the time he had pulled out and aimed at the new guy, the new guy had sprinted to only 20 feet away from the enemy. In the confusion, I decide to take a shot, hoping I won't be given away as the new guy is wildly pumping out airsofts from his shotgun. The new guy does indeed get a bad hosing with BBs from close range. However, I manage to "kill" the enemy with a single shot without giving away my position. As it turns out, the new guy had also hit the enemy with an airsoft at the exact moment he started getting shot up.
  2. MP5 or dual cheap uzi... Tri shot shot guns aren't bad either...
  3. Definetly a fall evening or night. In such an engagement, the calors are just right for brown cammo. Also, it is cool enough where you won't get exhausted by the heat but won't get forzen and can't use any gas guns. Also, in the fall, it is less wet than in the spring.
  4. Hello all, I'm looking to dual wield a pair of spring pistols (gas is terrible for my cold climate) as secondaries. The only spring pistols one could concievably dual wield are revolvers. Sadly, all my searching has only turned up very bad 220-240 fps guns. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any sprng revolvers with at least 280 fps. Thank you all! P.S. I did use the search function before posting :)
  5. I can see this discussion going bad. I'm number one...
  6. You would have to make you own mags and feeder for such a shaped projectile. Also, if you are putting grooves and all on the projectile, that's a pricey airsoft BB...
  7. Sniper recon/squad leader
  8. 500 fps with .30s seems a bit powerful to me. I'd hate to be shot by that...
  9. How about one? :) (That's all I need...)
  10. I'm new to the forum and the first thing I did was read all of the stickies relevant to me!
  11. What about some of the cheaper VSR 10 clones, like the WELL or AGM ones. They seem to be okay out of the box and can be gotten with scope and bipod for $100. Plus, being VSR 10 clones, they probably have massive upgrade options.
  12. That there is my dream airsoft set up... This or a modded G3.
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