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  1. Regarding the comment about turning the AEG to a PTW like gun, a computerized mosfet still won't be able to simulate the hair/ short trigger pull, unless it has a microswitch. Personally, that is the reason why I run them, so creating a hair trigger would be extremely easy.
  2. The CYMA ones are indeed quite good, they come with an neodymium motor stock. Also, the external build is extremely solid as well, as it can endure many HK slaps
  3. Has anyone tried replacing the stock shell with the XCR shell? Apparently they will fit, and I assume the XCR's is more durable than the 417's
  4. I've actually done this before, a P90 DMR. I got another gearbox and hop up system, so swapping it into the DMR is extremely easy. Simply create your build, the only real issue I had was trying to find a good mid cap.
  5. How durable does the gun's externals feel?
  6. Chibajoe, what mags have you tried in the gun?
  7. Can be SHS, Core, EF, etc. PM if you have one.
  8. If you know how to disassemble motors, get a neodymium can and Chaoli armatrue (comes with stock Dboys, A&Ks, etc) and assemble it together. Chaoli's have 32 TPA.
  9. The Refitting House pistons are quite nice, the body material feels like a nylon fiber. Basically, they are SHS pistons.
  10. It should pull it with ease, but SHS motors might heat up a bit.
  11. Is your piston's release tooth metal?
  12. +1 for WGC Shop. I placed an order on the night of the 4th and got it on the 12th. Fast shipping with cheap prices.
  13. All the mag converter does is redirect the bbs from the M4 mag to the P90's hop up. I've seen a guy get a P90 box mag to feed at 55 RPS. My converter is working fine at around 45 RPS. The unwinding of the Lonex mags is most likely a compatibility issue with the gun. As for the winders breaking, I've never seen that happen on a Lonex flash mag, but have seen it on a Matrix.
  14. If you want a mag that keeps, switch to the P90 box mag and use a Lonex flash.
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