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  1. Title says all..PM me for details on the G36E or MP5A5...The AK47S HAS to have a metal body and real wood is a plus..might also trade for a M16 but no VNs and need to have metal bodies
  2. Im looking for: 1) M4 carry handle 2)M4 mag catch 3)AK hicap 4)AK butt plate If you have any of these message me.
  3. NO TRADES PRICES ARE OBO NO LOWBALLING 1)G&P MK14 Crane Proto Price is $240shipped comes with: -M14 hicap mag -KA trademarked foregrip specs: only skirmished once shoots 370fps with .2s has high ROF PICS Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  4. Final drop for M14...NOW $240shipped
  5. MK14 NOW $255shipped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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