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  1. The triangle folding stocks I would worry about breaking at the welding point between each of the parts of the stock, not the attachment point. Not under regular use, but if it were to fall or get knocked against something. Basically any force applied sideways, (falling, running into a wall, snagging the inside on something) I would worry that it might break. I am not familiar with Cyma specifically, but the back of the AK receiver could potentially having a proprietary trunnion with completely whack dimensions, and thus be incompatible with readily available replacement stocks once the triangle folding stock breaks, as was the case with an Echo 1 (iirc, could be wrong) that my brother had a few years ago. I would argue that they are less durable unless the welding is really good, but mainly I would say that the potential headache of replacing (or rather, not replacing) a side folding triangle stock makes it the worst option.
  2. I have only had KJW and WE mags, but I guess I should throw my 2 cents into the experience bucket. WE magazines seem prone to problems due to varying quality of make, but if you are fine with troubleshooting, they can be made to work. They are not so bad as to be beyond repair. Not that it effects function, but the finish on them is awful. KJW magazines have a nicer finish, better build quality, less prone to leaks and other problems stock. They only come with the thin baseplate, and the internal design is different than the WE.
  3. So I happen to get a somewhat imperfect vfc m&p 9c. When taking it down, the slide would get stuck about 1/10 of the way off the slide. Yes, I was taking it down correctly. There was some part, some tolerance that was nkr, so I would have to repeatedly and somewhat violently rack the slide until it got past this stuck point and would slide off the rest of the way. Sounds bad, I know. It shot fine, ran fine. Takedown was the only problem. So, a few nights ago, I take the slide off, and I try to diagnose the problem more specifically. I look for uneven wear on the disconnect, the protrusion from the trigger ring (as it is called on a hi capa), etc. The way it works looks more or less like how other "striker" fired airsoft guns are. the "hammer" and firing mechanism which is connected to the valve knocker and trigger is just moved inside the slide right behind the mag well. Well, I'm still trying to figure out what makes the slide not come off. So, in my infinite wisdom, I push the "hammer" down, clicking it into its cocked position. I put it back together, and attempt to takedown again, only there is another problem..... Now the trigger will not release the hammer. It does not feel like it is connected to anything. I must have screwed some overlap between where the trigger activates the firing mechanism or something else. Ok well... This sucks, but it doesn't end there. My stupidity and curiosity take control. I unscrew the firing mechanism from its position. I try to gain an understanding of the mechanism and activate it with a flathead screw driver, poking and prodding whatever I believe to be keeping the hammer under tension. No avail. So..... I take a pin out. Try to recombobulate. Fail. 3 hours later, I have the firing mechanism completely disassembled and am no closer to my goal of having an operable pistol. It's just a bunch of parts now. The mechanism is tiny, partially enclosed in its shell, the pins are loose if the whole mechanism isn't under tension, and it is impossible to work on. To make matters worse, a small nub actually broke off when I decided to just fully disassemble it, which is odd considering that was no more force than shaking the mechanism a little to get the parts out... Mistakes have been made. Two questions: 1. Is there anything I can do right now that would allow me to get this pistol running again without buying an entire other gun for parts? 2. Is there a way to put the firing mechanism back together without hours of frustration? (In short, am I doing it wrong?) Seems like a somewhat glaring design flaw if cocking the hammer as I did could create such a problem. I mean. I'm not saying it was a smart decision, but that is not idiot-proof by any measure. Maybe I just got a no kidding lemon. Needless to say, I am in the market for a vfc m&p 9c, any condition so long as the lower frame is intact. Seriously, pm me if you want to get rid of one.
  4. Yeah, I've never heard anyone recommend nylon holsters, they're iffy with fits and a lot slower with drawing compared to hard holsters. I'd definitely say hard holsters are the way to go for drop legs. Even at that though, they can still be annoying. I use a drop leg serpa with a hi capa and it just flops around so much when I run, I have it sitting as high as I can get it without cutting into my crotch. I am pretty sure my problem is mainly that the the hi capa is so huge and heavy. I mean, it's 7 inches long with a fat, fat dual stack mag. I am definitely sure that if one were to run a drop leg with say, a glock 23, comparably, or smaller sized hand gun, the flopping wouldn't be as much of an issue. Larger hand guns, I'd recommend a belt holster.
  5. Basically, WE released another pistol and MK3 is attesting to the fact that it isn't absolute crap like most WE pisols because it's oem by someone else, that's always good to know. I believe they've been doing this with most of their new pistol models.
  6. I second this Typically you can find very nice used airsoft guns for a lot less than retail on various forums, including this forum. I mean, airsoft stuff does seem to depreciate fairly quickly (unless it's a rare/very unique piece) but some of the sellers here just seem flat out crazy like, "bought a $200 box, have no need for another m4, LNIB $100" or "dropped about $600 into this gun, letting it go with the goodies for $290" Damn I wish I hadn't blown all my money.
  7. The OEtech Spec Ops plate carrier might be worth looking at. It's essentially an mbss plate carrier, it's a fairly small plate carrier and it is pretty adjustable. I've seen a lot of little kids use this plate carrier. It may be a bit big, but given the alternatives, I'd say it's a decent choice. Battle belt could work, though they're pretty big. (size small for most brands is 30-34 size waist)
  8. While not having one personally, I second this. I've yet to hear anything bad about the TM PX4. It's got some nice features as well, such as having adjustable hop-up without take down and backstraps. I've shot the rs PX4 quite a bit and I must say, it is quite comfortable to hold and shoot (even when it's chambered in .40 ;) Oh, and I found a video of
  9. Have you considered getting a new can of gas?
  10. kjw over we if there is the same model of gun. Every time. The newer WE pistols (like the glocks) I've heard better about them.
  11. Well said. If you use a tm the way it's supposed to be used, it will last forever. In-fact, if you follow the rules with most guns and take care of them, they should last a long time. That said however, it's always seemed to me that when Tokyo Marui says "our guns can't run powerful gases" they really mean "The law says our guns aren't technically supposed to be designed to run higher power gas" *wink wink*
  12. It's not a matter of being able to. I'm 6' 171 pounds, and can run a 52 second 400. I'm more than capable strength wise. I ran a drop leg serpa the other day with a pistol, and it was perhaps the most annoying piece of equipment ever, just from a movement standpoint. I can guarantee that a nylon holster will not do better. It's a giant loose weight that will go back and forth, slide around, get loose, and make moving a pain. Trust me. You do not want a drop leg with an mp7 on it. If you plan on running, don't do it. I'd just buy some MAG metal midcaps, they hold 190, and adding a few, or trading them out with some of your current midcaps might solve your problem (that and shooting less). Plus I'm pretty sure it's a more cost and weight effective solution than buying an mp7, of all things. If you want to buy a kwa mp7 just do it, you don't need our approval. So far everyone has said "don't buy it as a secondary" but you adamantly refuse to believe them. I'm pretty sure you just want to buy an mp7. There's usually a lot of good deals on kwa mp7s in the buying and selling sections.
  13. Apologies for the confusion. Anyways, I have seen a few ACM serpas being sold that are specifically designed to be able to hold hi capas, I almost forgot they existed, but here's a link. One of the reviewers even says "Just recived it today, and got to say its awsome :D Been looking for a holster that would fit a Hicappa (as I have a 5.1 dragon) and this is perfect. Nothing needs doing or modifying like so many others do to fit it..." Quality wise, just looking around, it would seem most acm serpas are 'good enough' if not better for most people.
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