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  1. No thanks, larges would be way too big for me. TTT
  2. PLEASE CLOSE - Payment via PayPal (Payment/Goods) - Will ship via USPS Standard Post with tracking - I'm located in Broadway, VA - Only trade would be for a high end desktop PC; prices are OBO - I can meet up if we are close enough - PTS MKM GBBR - $520 shipped - What you see is what you get; both mags hold gas well, stock and pistol grip are Magpul USA, MBUS are replicas; internal upgrades include RAT EVO2 Hop up unit, Bolt catch powerstroke mod, polished internals, Inner barrel mod and HNPR O ring; both mags have Moondog seals - GHK G5 16" - SPF - Brand new; had this RMA'd at ASGI because of a bad magazine; GI put five mags through it before they reshipped; that is all it has been used - 18" Noveske AEG SPR - $600 shipped - CM base, 18" Madbull barrel, 10" Madbull Noveske Rail, 455mm R-hopped Madbull TBB, JG blue M42 motor, BTC Spectre mosfet, and a ton of other upgrades internal and external; PM me and I can give you the full parts list; cerkoted in Sniper Gray by Warrior Kustoms - 18" Geissele AR - $400 shipped - CM base, 18" Madbull barrel, 9.5" Dytac Geissele rail, 455mm R-hopped Madbull TBB, JG M42 blue motor, long list of other upgrades; PM me and I can give you the full parts list - Massif Multicam combat shirt (medium) - $30 shipped - Massif Multicam combat trousers (medium) w/ Crye kneepads - $100 shipped - FROG woodland MARPAT combat shirt (medium) - $40 shipped - Smart charger; Charges Nickel/lead/lithium based batteries; comes with deans and tamiya adapters - $40 shipped - S-Thunder 40mm grenade launcher pistol; Full polymer construction, unused - SOLD - Pantac Coyote Brown AK chest rig - $60 shipped - Condor hard-knuckle gloves (medium) - $10 shipped - Goggle anti-fog fan - $25 shipped
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