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    Currently own: Custom UTG multi-shot shotgun Stock DE multi-shot shotgun Elite Force 1911A1 Previously owned: CA RPK G&G Combat Machine M4 WE PDW (short version) KWA 1911 w/ AABB carbine E1 614 KWA G19 w/ upgrades TM P226 w/ Guarder MBK TM FN 5-7 JG AK-47 KJW P226R TM P226R Crossman tri-shot shotgun R700 w/ upgrades Mauser MK96 CA M15A4 sportsline TM G26 DBOY's M4 Various Walmart guns
  1. Completely subjective. However, you probably won't have any trouble with any of the models.
  2. I've got an Elite Force 1911A1, uses C02. It has one magazine that does not leak at all, and it gets 5-6 magazines of gas off before the C02 canister has to be replaced. It has some slide wear from the custom Kydex holster, other than that the gun performs like new.
  3. I must respectfully disagree with what you said about C02 airsoft handguns, they are actually very reliable as long as a quality airsoft gun is considered. In fact I can personally attest to the quality and realistic functions of the Elite Force 1911A1 in particular because that is the one I own, and I have spent hours upon hours using it as a training replica in a variety of weather conditions. Now please don't misunderstand my vouching for this replica as a bias review with intent to make myself feel good for owning this one. To the contrary, I have owned several airsoft gas handguns, some bad, some good, and this one is good. It has stood up to the abuse that I have thrown at it, having used it in muddy conditions, rainy conditions, very hot conditions, and so on, it has not failed me once yet. The magazine will hold 13, or 14 airsoft BB's (a BB is the bullet of an airsoft gun) However, I typically only load it to 8 rounds since it is meant to be used as a training tool in my case, however, the airsoft replica will fire magazine upon magazine without having to renew the C02 canister, so it is very eficient and serves me well when training because I don't have to constantly change out the canister, all I have to do is reload the magazine, similar to what you would have to do to reload the real 1911A1. I have some experience with using airsoft guns as a training supplement to my real firearms, so if you would like to private message me with any questions please feel free to do so, I am more than happy to help you get started.
  4. This is incredibly vague, what level of quality are you looking for, and how much are you willing to spend on the individual pieces of gear?
  5. I'm not sure about dark earth in particular, but I use coyote brown for every environment I'm in. It seems like coyote brown doesn't stick out as much in the woods as some type of green sticks out in the fields. So the tan color makes more sense to someone who can't afford one green, and one tan high quality rig, like myself. Hope that helps.
  6. Painted guns don't work well in Serpa holsters, there isn't enough tolerance for the paint ussually. So adding clear coat to the gun will just add that much more thickness and will make the paint rub even more.
  7. The sand might work, never tried it. As far as sturdiness, cardboard works really well.
  8. Yeah, I wear a US Palm ASP-C plate carrier. Weight is about eighteen pounds with plates, next to nothing without them. - Leaf
  9. Thanks, I'll post a writeup when I can find some time to do it.
  10. Interesting, thanks for sharing Alberty.
  11. Thanks. Not a problem, y'all let me know if you want any other guides written about the M3.
  12. Awesome, I'd like to see them sometime.
  13. In case anyone missed it in the modifications forum, here is the guide that has been requested: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Adding-s...-m-t248453.html
  14. I've recieved requests to make a guide on how to put a rail on the receiver of a multi shot shotgun, this guide is aimed specifically at the M3 shotgun and may not work for the Spas 12. You will need these items: * Shotgun. * Rail that is made for the front grip of an AR/M4. * Power drill and drill bits. * Phillips head screwdriver. * Tissue or napkin to keep screws on so that they don't get lost. * About ten minutes. First thing to do is setup your gun on a table or floor, and have your phillips head screwdriver and towel handy. Now you need to remove the two screws on the bottum of the pump, and then place them on the towel so they don't get lost. Next you will need to pull off the right side of the pump, it will take a bit of prying on to come loose. Set the right side piece of the pump off to the side on your towel. Now take out this screw. After that screw is out and placed on the towel, the left side of the pump will come off, take it off and set it off to the side. Now take this screw out, there is one on the other side of the gun too, remove it as well. After those are out slide the piece forward that the screws were in. Next take this piece off and set it aside. Now you can take the receiver off the gun, to do that lift the front part of it up, and then slide the whole piece forward and up. Be careful not to let the little silver piece on the right side of the gun fall out. Before you go on, it's a good idea to make sure you have all the pieces still. Now it's time to attach the AR/M4 rail to the receiver, to do this you will need to get your drill and match the bolts that came with your rail to the right size drill bit. After you have the right drill bit in the drill, place the rail on top of the receiver and get it lined up straight and where you want it. Now put the drill bit through one of the holes in the rail and drill straight down until you break through the plastic of the receiver. I added several layers of electrical tape in between the receiver and rail as a spacer, just so the rail won't wobble once mounted. Next you need to put the nuts for the bolts on the underside of the receiver and in the holes. After that place the rail on the receiver again and tighten down the bolts. This guide is lengthy enough already, so I won't put pictures of the reassembly up, just scroll up and repeat the steps in reverse to put the shotgun back together. After all is done you should have something that looks like this:
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